michelle la di sempre

  • 130 €
  • 100 €
  • 80 €
Nazionalità: Colombiana
età: 25 Anni
Occhi: Marroni
Capelli: Scuri
Misure: 90 / 69 / 88
Altezza: 1,50 m.
Dimensione del piede: 36
Seno: Operato

Disponibilità: Notte
  • ˙ 69
  • ˙ Dúplex
  • ˙ Fétiches
  • ˙ Gola profonda
  • ˙ Pioggia dorata
  • ˙ Massaggio
  • ˙ Partenze
  • ˙ Striptease
- Le ragazze decidono se eseguire o meno i servizi e se applicano un supplemento.
- È consigliabile parlare con la ragazza prima dell'appuntamento per raggiungere un accordo.
Ti sono piaciuti tutti quei momenti insieme? Non devono fermarsi.
No seas egoísta, compárteme con tus amigos
Parlaci della tua esperienza con MICHELLE, com'era il tuo appuntamento con lei?


Michelle la di sempre détient 3 comentaris
para mi chica muy recomendable en persona gana mucho mas ke en las fotos,una chica muy bonita y buena persona
2020-02-07 23:55:29
She is very sweet and if you treat her nicely and with respect, she will do the same. It's important to check with her first whether she's okay with something. She can be a lot of fun but you have to engage her and jive with her a bit first.
2020-01-08 01:35:16
My experience with Michelle was not one I’d like to repeat. It started out fairly good and went downhill quickly. She told me to shower which is fine except I had already showered fully and made myself look decent out of respect with the workers. She could have joined me and made it more exciting but nope she was not interested. Frankly, she would have benefited from taking one too. She did smell a bit sweaty. I paid for 45 minutes with her and got only 35 mins and I felt rushed. You could tell she is not interested in pleasing her customer. She kept telling me to finish up when I had quite a lot of time left. She used way too much lube and she felt like I was fucking a bar of soap. I barely felt her and it was difficult to orgasm. When she got tired she told me to finish by myself. I felt horrible after my session with her. Men want to feel wanted too. She could have at least pretended like she cared. That’s what I pay for. This was my second time at Apricots and the first time was amazing. I wish I could remember the girl I was with. I would love to meet her again. But no, I will not repeat my session with with Michelle. It’s too bad really. She is very cute and has a nice body but a bit of a poor attitude in a business where attitude is everything. I’d rather fuck an ugly whore with a great attitude then a gorgeous one without.
2019-08-29 19:17:37
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