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Finding a photographer in Barcelona who knows how to enhance your body is not an easy task. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to select the photographer specialized in escorts that we like, with a long career and experience, who will deliver you photos where you will look sexy, beautiful and attractive, always from a very natural perspective.

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When a client enters an escort website it is because he wants to be successful in an act or event, and let's not deceive ourselves, he will not choose the one who speaks the most languages, but the one who seems the most beautiful and sensual in the photographs. The cover letter of an escort is a photo of the body, therefore you will have to show it as if it were a 'product', in the best way so that the client feels attracted and ends up choosing to you.

According to a study, users stay less than 59 seconds on a web page, therefore, the photos must convince them in less than a minute and stand out above your competition (the rest of escorts).Photographs have a great impact on customers when choosing, so they must penetrate their minds in the shortest possible time by going deep into their subconscious.

What should escort photos look like?

For the final result to be good and to have an impact on the client, we must consider several points:

Choose the styling well
The less added the better. You have to feel like a terribly sexy and feminine girl in the pieces you choose.

Be natural
It is essential that you feel comfortable during the session, you must be yourself, naturally. You have to bring out the best in you, feel divine. The best thing is to try to make the images seem stolen from intimacy, for example: lying in bed while reading a magazine, drinking a glass of wine... If you are nervous it will show in the photographs, so it is advisable to be relaxed during the photo session . For example, a smile can seem sexy to us, whereas a more serious look can give us a more sensual tone. Of course, the perspective of the framing is fundamental. A couple of sexier tricks: when you're lying on the bed, stretching your legs out will make your legs look longer, and leaning back when you're on the bed or couch will make it look like you're showing less belly. By the way, don't forget the heels to give your photos a sexier touch.

Don't be afraid or ashamed
Every client is different, so not all men like the same style of photography. We are aware that being in front of a goal is not at all simple. However, fear and shame must be overcome no matter what. For this reason it is very important to trust the work of the photographer and his assistant.

Watch with Photoshop!
We can't make the mistake of retouching photos too much with this program. We have verified that the publication of escorts with excessive retouching is one of the main reasons for complaints from customers, so it must be used in its fair measure. We must not fall into the mistake of misleading advertising. Retouching is allowed up to a certain point: to remove scars, freckles, tattoos or other elements that could lead to identifying the girl.

At Apricots we want both clients and escorts to feel at home, which is why our philosophy is based on transparency, legality and respect for the girls. In order to ensure that everyone is satisfied, we have a professional photographer for escorts who takes photographs of real women and practically does not retouch the photos.

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