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Finding an erotic photographer in Barcelona who knows how to favor your body is not an easy task. That is why we have taken care of selecting the specialized photographer that we like, with a long career and experience, who will give you some photos where you will look sexy, beautiful and attractive, always from a very natural perspective.

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When a client enters a website of escorts is because he wants to have an intimate moment with a girl, and make no mistake, will not choose the one that speaks more languages, but the one that seems more sensual in the photographs. The letter of presentation of an escort is a photo of the body, therefore you will have to show it as if it were a 'product', in the best way so that the client feels attracted and ends up choosing you.

According to a study, users stay less than 59 seconds on a web page, therefore, the photos will have to convince you in less than a minute and stand out above your competition. The photographs have a great impact on customers when choosing, so they will have to penetrate your mind in the shortest time possible by going deeply into your subconscious. You have to awaken the desire, feed the morbid, provoke the envy to fuck.

How should escort photographs be?

For the final result to be good and impact on the client we have to take into account several points:

Choose styling well
The fewer clothes, the better. That's right, you have to teach your splendid body well, without forgetting that you have to comply with the parameter of naturalness. You can start with a more covered look (a shirt, jeans, shorts, a leather jacket, a semitransparent shirt ...) and gradually you go undressing until you get in your underwear or completely naked. In the end, you have to feel a terribly sexy and feminine girl with the clothes you choose.

Be natural
It is essential that you feel comfortable during the session, you have to be yourself, naturally. You must make the best of yourself and feel divine. The best thing is to try to make the images look stolen from intimacy, for example: lying on the bed while reading a magazine, taking a shower, drinking a glass of wine, unzipping your bra ... If you are nervous you will notice in the photographs, that is why it is recommended be relaxed during the photo shoot. For example, a smile may seem sexy, but a more serious look can give us a more sensual tone. Of course, the perspective of the framing is fundamental, being this one like that of a voyeur who secretly spies. A couple of tricks to be sexier: when you're lying on the bed, if you stretch your feet, it will seem that your legs are longer and, leaning back when you are in bed or sofa will seem to show less belly. By the way, do not forget the heels to give a more sexy touch to your photos. Do not be afraid or ashamed Each client is different, that's why not all men like the same style of erotic photography. Some like to see how the woman holds her breasts, while others like to look at a nice ass or see some hands sliding through the inside of her panties. We are aware that being in front of a half-naked objective is not easy, and it does not matter if your job is to sell your body. Despite this, we must overcome fear and shame, however it may be. For this reason it is very important to trust the work of the photographer and his assistant, and have a few drinks before. And we do not say it in jest!

Beware of Photoshop!
We can not fall into the error of retouching the photographs with this program. We have verified that the publication of escorts with excessive retouching is one of the main reasons of complaint on the part of the clients, for this reason it is necessary to use it in its just measure. We must not fall into the error of making misleading advertising. The retouching is allowed to a certain point: to remove scars, moles, tattoos or other elements that may lead to identify the girl.

At Apricots we want both clients and escorts to feel at home, that's why our philosophy is based on transparency, legality and respect for girls. To ensure that everyone is satisfied, we have a photographer for professional escorts who takes erotic pictures of real women without retouching the photos.

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