Press article, 20 de abril de 2017

El Voyeur Invitado : is an exhibition about prostitution. Ver la nota de prensa.

The transfer of LumiDolls to Apricots

Many have echoed the new location of the trendy sex dolls . You can read the news in the following media:

Press article, 31 de marzo de 2017

LumiDolls will offer its services at the Apricots facilities. See the press release..

Apricots en el diario Ara

Empar Moliner dedicates an entire column to ethical prostitution.

Nació Digital wonders if ethical prostitution could be the solution

A very interesting article where different points of view about prostitution are exposed. Abolish it or regulate it, what would be the best solution? Listen from 10:30 am..

Crònica Global Interview

Ignasi Jorro, journalist of the Crònica Global, has visited our Còrsega dating house to chat with the receptionist a while.

The Vitoria Courier talks about us

The Correo de Vitoria has dedicated a report telling us about our experience as a sponsor of the Erotic Salon of Barcelona Apricots, among other things. See the review.

The campaign #MujeresSinHashtag in the media

The online newspapers Nació Digital y Directe.cat echoed our campaign for Women's Day, calling it as 'controversial' and 'provocative'

Apricots in Catalunya Ràdio (4)

The radio program 'Les mil i una nits' once again invited Javier, CEO of Apricots, to talk about an important issue: Who fucks more, handsome or ugly guys? You can listen to the complete podcast on the Catalunya Ràdio website. Catalunya Ràdio.

Vilaweb report

Vilaweb, the leading digital newspaper in Catalan, has prepared a report on sex tourism in Catalonia. We wanted to collaborate with them by opening the doors of our premises and giving our opinion about it.

The agreement between Apricots and the Mobile World Congress

The organization of the Mobile World Congress requested the withdrawal of one of our billboards, located on the Gran Vía de Barcelona. We decided to remove it by making the agreement public. You can read the news in the following media:

Press article, 16 de febrero del 2016

The Mobile World Congress asks the Apricots agency to remove its billboard in Barcelona. See press release

Apricots in Catalunya Ràdio (3)

Javier, CEO of Apricots, visited "Les mil i una nits" to talk about what men like in bed. You can listen to the podcast on the Catalunya Ràdio.

Apricots in Catalunya Ràdio (2)

On the 1st Open Door Day of Apricots, the Catalunya Ràdio program "" Les mil i una nits "" did not want to miss the opportunity to visit our local Còrsega. Javier, CEO of Apricots, acts as host and reveals the operation of his premises. Below we provide you with an extract of his intervention, if you want you can listen to the complete program on the Catalunya Ràdio

Apricots in Catalunya Ràdio (1)

Catalunya Ràdio visited the Erotic Salon of Barcelona Apricots with his program " Les mil i una nits ", and took the opportunity to interview Javier, CEO of Apricots. In this brief interview, Javier explains the philosophy of his premises and his willingness to renew the paid sex sector. Here we provide an extract of our intervention, if you wish you can listen to the full program on the website of Catalunya Ràdio

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