Girls' tips for a perfect date

Whether it's your first time with an escort or if it's already a regular thing for you, a few good tips to show off an escort never go wrong. Especially if it's the experts themselves who give them. Give , receive, give, receive... that's what communication is all about.

The girls have come up with the decalogue of the perfect date. Here's what they suggest:

  • We like education very, very much. The more respect you show and the more gentleman you are, the more excited we will be and the more affection you will receive.
  • The clairvoyance is not our forte, so we recommend you talk. Ask what you like and how you would like our role to be in the commitment that we must attend. We are accompaniment professionals but we do not always know what do you want to achieve by being accompanied by us.
  • Cleanliness is essential, and we don't mean to be smeared and perfumed. We take great care of it because we believe it is very important in the image and a first impression.
  • Alcohol in moderation. As professionals we have self-imposed limits to always maintain composure. We hope that you also have them for the sake of the meeting and those present at the event.
  • Aggressiveness will end the appointment automatically.
  • Can you imagine arguing with a tobacco machine to give you the pack before you insert the coins? Please always pay before service.
  • Do not negotiate price or time, we are not in a street market.
  • What the girls do on their dates is entirely up to them.
  • If one day we meet on the street, don't worry, we won't greet you or anything like that if you don't: we've never met, nor do we know each other. We ask you, please, to do the same, since many of us dedicate ourselves to this profession in secret from our families. For us privacy and discretion are also very important.
  • In case you got distracted in point 2, let's repeat the importance of communication: the more you talk to us, the more we can know how to be successful in your proposal in the event that we must attend.

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