Frequently asked questions about the escort agency Apricots

Timetables and reservations

Apricots offers to contact escorts available in Barcelona at any time, every day of the week.

Is it necessary to reserve?
No, it is not necessary, although if you book you make sure that the girl you have chosen will be available when you need her. Remember that in each girl's profile you have the contact phone number with which to book your date with her.
Do the girls go to the place where the act or public event takes place?
Yes, the escorts go where you want, we have a private chauffeur service for them and also for you if you so contract.
How many locations does Apricots have?
In Barcelona Apricots has 2 active headquarters: Apricots Center and Apricots Camp Nou. Of course, both with the same quality standards and the same rules of transparency.

About services

There is no minimum or limited time. Prices are not negotiable, neither is the time once the duration of the escort service has been agreed upon.

How much does the service cost?
Call to check prices. We need to know what you need to give you a quote.
Is the transport service paid by the agency?
No, the price of the transport service is not paid unless the mileage exceeds a certain number of Km.
What is included in the rate?
The rate includes the girl's time and any extras you want to add.
What does the girl service include?
The escort service includes only and exclusively their accompanying time. We do not offer sexual services. Look at the profiles of the girls to know what each one is like or call us directly and find out all details.
What if I want a service that is not included in the rate?
Special services that are not a simple accompaniment to an act or event, are not included in the standard rate. These types of services, which can never be of a sexual nature, you will have to pay for part and always in advance. If you have any special requests, we advise you to ask the receptionist or the escort in advance if they offer the service you are looking for.
How long can I be with a girl?
You can be with her as long as you want and until your body allows you.
Can I negotiate rates or duration?
No, haggling is no longer fashionable, so rates and contracted time are not negotiable afterwards.
How are payments made?
Payments for all services are made in advance at the agency. You can pay in cash in euros, dollars or pounds. Visa or Mastercard cards are also accepted. American Express is not accepted.
This is my first time using a service like this. What will I find?
Don't worry, we're here to help you and you'll see it's super simple.

About girls

All girls carry out the activity voluntarily. They appreciate education, cleanliness and good manners which they reward with very tender smiles ;)

Are the girls on the website real?
Yes, of course the escorts are 100% real. At Apricots we don't like excessive use of photoshop. You will never be disappointed when you meet them in person.
Do girls provide sexual services?
No, it's an escort agency, not prostitutes.
Should I bring something to the date for the girl?
No need, the girl already has everything she needs to do her job professionally.
Do girls usually get medical check-ups?
Yes, and often. Don't you?





We have private chauffeur for girls and customers who need it

Do you have taxi service for customers?
Yes, we also have reliable taxis. You can order yours by phone.

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If you still have questions

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