Preguntas frecuentes sobre los burdeles Apricots

Hours and reservations

Apricots offers contacts with company girls available in Barcelona at any time, every day of the week and any month of the year.

Do I need to book?
No, it is not necessary, although if you book, you can be sure that the girl you have chosen will be available when you arrive. Remember that in each girl profile, you have the contact number with which you can book your appointment with.
Do the girls offer home delivery? And what about hotel?
Yes, the escorts move wherever you want, to your hotel or your home.
How many brothels does Apricots have?
Apricots has two active brothels in Barcelona: Apricots city centre and Apricots Camp Nou. Of course, both Apricots brothels meet the same quality and transparency standards.

About our services

The minimum service time is 30 minutes. The prices are not negotiable and the time neither.

How much does the service cost?
All the company girls have the same rates. Check here the prices..
Is it more expensive at home?
No, the price of the service at home is the same, the only thing that changes is the cost of the taxi of the company girl, that you will have to assume.
What does the rate include?
The rate includes the service of the girl, the rent of the room and a set of sheet, towel and sanitized bath mat.
What does the girl's service include?
The service of the escort includes what she is willing to offer you, which is usually a complete sexual relationship.Take a look in the profiles of the girls to know the services of each one or call us directly and find out all the details.
What happens if I want a service that is not included in the rate?
Special services, such as anal sex, full French or golden shower, are not included in the standard rate. These types of services you will have to pay separately and always directly to the escort. If you have any special requests, we advise you to ask the receptionist or the escort beforehand if she offers the service you are looking for.
How long can I be with a girl?
You can be with her as long as you want and until the body allows it. The minimum service time is half an hour.
Can I haggle the rates or the duration?
No, bargaining is no longer fashionable, so rates and time are not negotiable.
How are the payments made?
Payments for all services are made in advance to the girl. You can pay in cash in euros, dollars or pounds. Visa or MasterCard are also accepted at the opposite of the American Express.
It's the first time I use a service like this. What am I going to find?
You have to be calm, we are here to help you and you will see that it is super simple. Enter this link and discover what happens when you enter Apricots.

About the girls

All the girls exercise the activity voluntarily. They appreciate education, cleanliness and good manners that reward with very tender smiles ;)

Are the girls from your website real?
Yes, of course, our escort girls are 100% real. In Apricots we don't like the excessive use of Photoshop. You won't be disappointed when you meet them in person.
Do these girls use condoms?
Yes, always. And you should do as well.
Do I have to take the condoms?
No, the girls already have some.
Do the girls usually have medical check-ups?
Yes, and quite often. Not you?

Legal issues

Prostitution’s situation in Spain is extra-legal. What does it mean?

Is prostitution legal in Spain?
Prostitution's situation in Spain is not legal, nor illegal, it is in a sort of extra-legal state. We explain what that means on this link.
Do all prostitution places work like Apricots?
Unfortunately, not. Check out our infographic to have a complete view of the paid sex industry.


Many brothels give commissions to taxi drivers to bring customers. Apricots doesn't stipulate such agreements with taxi drivers and will never do it.

Do you have taxi service for clients?
Yes, we have some reliable taxis, you can ask us yours by phone. If you had to take a non-Apricots taxi and the taxi driver wants to take you to another place, insist that he take you where you want and tell him you have a reservation. If the taxi driver makes a mistake or makes up any excuse to not take you where you asked, better get off the taxi and take another one, or call us and we will send you a taxi of confidence. Many clubs usually give a commission to taxi drivers to bring customers. Apricots does not stipulate agreements of this kind with taxi drivers and will never do it. If you decide to come to one of our dating houses, it's because you want to, not because the taxi driver oblige you. If you download the Hailo app everything will be even more comfortable.

Is everything clear now? Then you're ready to choose your perfect escort.



If you still have questions

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