What is ethical prostitution?

  • Ethical prostitution is a concept created by Apricots promoting transparent and honest practices in the paid sex industry.
  • It means behaving respectfully towards the girls who have decided to devote their lives to the oldest profession in the world, and to respect their freedom.
  • It means opposing to any kind of abuse or mistreatment.
  • It means fighting for the rights of sex workers.
  • It means scaping from the dodgy ways of others involved in the traditional paid sex industry.
  • It means the path that every person in the industry should follow.
  • Ethical prostitution is nothing more than common sense.

Media is often not capable of explaining exhaustively and precisely the world of prostitution. In fact, sometimes they seem to think of prostitution as a synonym of trafficking, and truly, things are very different. That's why Apricots felt the need to clarify several concepts related to this industry; we prepared the most complete and truthful infographic about prostitution.

We sometimes seem to think we know a lot about a subject because we've heard about it repeatedly in the media. This helps formulate ideas and opinions about a topic, however, we shouldn't forget that media provide us with a media-constructed-reality and, therefore, they create, in some way, a sense of certain social acceptance (or not) of the subject itself.

In addition, now more than ever, media is faced with immediacy, due to the Internet, what is a trending topic now, will be history 5 minutes later. That means that the time to contrast the information received gets reduced dramatically. Considering this, it's very easy to make mistakes or provide inaccurate information, especially when presenting numbers.

And these misinformed numbers, published around a so hotly debated topic as prostitution, are the usual praxis. That's why Apricots felt the need to clarify several concepts related to the paid sex industry.

We hope that our small contribution will help clarify doubts about the sex industry. Meanwhile, we'll continue building our way so that ethical prostitution becomes a reality not only in spain but all over the world.

We're against human trafficking and sexual exploitation and we'd like you to join us. Don't keep silent, get in touch with the Police by email: trata@policia.es, or call them on: 900 105 090. Thank you!
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