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Nationality: Colombian
Age: 38 Years
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Mesures: 95 / 73 / 110
Height: 1.58 m.
foot size: 35
Breat: Operated

Availability: Day
- The girls decide with complete freedom if they agree to perform the escort service or not.
A satisfied woman, she is a woman who shines with her own light and what a shine Marah has. This stunning high class escort comes from the eccentric Colombian lands, she is 18 years old from Edas, brown eyes, black hair, stockings and impressive breasts.

Marah, has managed to find a balance and harmony in her life. She has a positive and grateful attitude towards the things she has and the people around her, she has learned to take care of herself and meet her needs effectively, thanks to this she developed good self-esteem and is able to establish healthy limits in her relationships personal and work. In addition, Marah has learned to handle stress and pressure in a practical and affective way.

This idyllic high-level companion is a woman who has a lot of confidence and transmits it in her way of speaking, walking and acting, which is very attractive to others. She also has a lot of self-esteem and a very positive perspective on life, since she has a greater capacity to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life, she feels full and happy with herself and with her life, and this is reflected in her state of encouragement and positive energy. She is a happy and balanced person who feels satisfied and therefore does not depend on anyone else to feel complete and fulfilled.

Traveling with Marah is a rewarding experience, since she has a very positive attitude, she is open to new experiences, to try and discover new things. Being pleased with herself, Marah doesn't seek validation or constant attention, which makes for a more relaxed and enjoyable travel experience. In addition, she has a sense of adventure and curiosity that excites her and makes her want to explore new places and cultures, which is why this high-level escort is the perfect companion for your events, dinners, trips, and parties.

If you want to reduce stress, pressure and have a greater capacity to enjoy life by creating unique moments that will last in your memory, meet marah, it will leave you breathless.
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