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Nationality: Colombian
Age: 28 Years
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Mesures: 89 / 68 / 105
Height: 1,60 m.
foot size: 36
Breat: Natural

Availability: Night
- The girls decide with complete freedom if they agree to perform the escort service or not.
Goddess, symbol of power, wisdom, beauty and various virtues. Here you have Valentina, a high-class escort with grace, bearing, brightness, serenity in her eyes, pious, strong and very sweet. Valentina comes from Colombia, she has black eyes and hair, and a fixed and penetrating gaze.

Valentina is a high-class escort who has a beauty and elegance that highlight her charm, she is charming and versatile. The combination of beauty, elegance, and her ability to behave in social events shows that she is a very sophisticated luxury escort with great ability to adapt to different situations. She is proficient in protocol and etiquette, as she is aware of the importance of courtesy and respect in social interactions. However, what really makes Valentina a special high class escort is her ability to be fun and enjoy life. His positive attitude towards life, his love for dancing, dining out, walking and traveling, shows that he knows how to appreciate the pleasures and experiences that life has to offer, which is why it is ideal for your dinners, trips, parties and events. .

The combination of elegance and fun that Valentina offers is attractive to many people, since she shows a balanced and pleasant personality. She is charismatic and magnetic, her sensuality and communication skills in talking and walking add a touch of mystery very attractive to her personality.

In general, Valentina is a very professional high-level escort who has a lot to offer in different aspects of life and her company could be a fascinating and enriching experience for those who have the opportunity to meet her. Do not delay any longer and come and see it, I assure you that it is better than winning the lottery.
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