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Nationality: Venezuelan
Age: 33 Years
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black
Mesures: 102 / 95 / 72
Height: .171 m.
foot size: 39
Breat: Operated

Availability: 24h
- The girls decide with complete freedom if they agree to perform the escort service or not.
Laughter is the language of the soul, and a laughing woman has a happy and beautiful soul. Cheerful, beautiful and smiling is Valery, an affectionate high-level escort who has made everyone fall in love with her enthusiasm and way of seeing life. This sweet Venezuelan has beautiful gray eyes, long black hair, sexy pronounced measurements, a striking chest and a friendly mischievous smile.

We know that laughter is contagious, and a smiling woman can light up any place with her positive energy, because laughter is the best remedy for stress, sadness and down days and a luxury escort like Valery can make you feel better in any time, since she knows how to enjoy life and find happiness in the simplest things. She radiates confidence and self-assurance, she knows that laughter is the reflection of a happy heart, full of love, joy and that it is the key to maintaining youth and beauty, that is why Valery always looks radiant.

Valery is a high-class escort who will give you pleasant moments of joy and will treat you with great kindness. She is authentic, she enjoys life and the small details. In addition, Valery is a very friendly and sociable luxury escort, who enjoys the company of others and feels comfortable in social situations. She has a great sense of humor, she is capable of laughing at herself and at everyday situations, and with her fresh and youthful attitude she makes every moment spent by her side very positive, because she is a wonderful companion who will give you a fun and exciting relationship as she shows her most pleasant and playful side which makes her very attractive. Valery is the perfect high-level companion for your events, trips, dinners and parties if what you are looking for are quality moments full of empathy, creativity, fun and exciting experiences.

Meet a high-level companion with whom you can have many positive benefits in your life, including happiness, emotional well-being, connection, learning, and fun. I assure you that it will be a rewarding and enriching experience.
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