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Nationality: Japanese
Age: 22 Years
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Mesures: 86 / 75 / 93
Height: 1.65 m.
foot size: 39
Breat: Natural

Availability: Night
- The girls decide with complete freedom if they agree to perform the escort service or not.
Sayuri, a young woman from Japan, embodies grace and elegance in its purest form. With a delicate body that seems sculpted by the hands of an artist, an angel-like face adorned with mysterious eyes, and a shy smile that gently illuminates her countenance, Sayuri is a beauty worth admiring in every sense of the word.

Dedicated to the study of international business, Sayuri demonstrates a sharp mind and unparalleled ambition. Her passion for languages ​​and her love of traveling the world lead her to make the most of every opportunity to explore new lands, immerse herself in different cultures and make friends around the globe. Sayuri is a true citizen of the world, finding joy and enrichment in diversity and multiculturalism.

But beyond her academic brilliance and thirst for adventure, Sayuri is a magnetic girl who radiates warmth and kindness. With her simplicity and sweetness, she has the gift of leaving others perplexed by her charm. Being by your side is like immersing yourself in a haven of peace and serenity, where every moment becomes precious and every conversation becomes an enriching experience.

To meet Sayuri is to discover a world of beauty, intelligence and kindness. His presence leaves an indelible impression on the hearts and minds of those privileged to cross his path. It is a guide for those who seek beauty in the subtle, wisdom in simplicity and joy in the small things in life. In short, to meet Sayuri is to open the doors to a universe of infinite possibilities and find a home in her warm and welcoming heart.
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