No seas egoísta, compárteme con tus amigos


You know that in Apricots we are characterized by carrying a line of fun and transgressive communication. So, this year 2020, it could not be less and we want to start it with good humor; Therefore, we have created this advertising campaign where wives defend the wonderful virtues of the services offered by the Apricots escort agency.

We want to get out of the established canons on the typical publicity of dating houses and clubs that always end up falling into the same topics and showing naked girls without giving a reason or a reason, just meat for the mere fact of showing meat.

We like the controversy and above all, the arguments, so in our campaigns, we always launch a great message that is what we want to convey. In this case, our slogan: “Happy wife, happy life” is not a phrase created by Apricots but a popular saying that we all know arguing that the relevant person in marriage and that supports the great weight of the family is the wife and that if is happy, the marriage flows, that’s why that saying was created.

On some occasions the sexual aspect of a marriage generates discussions, even sometimes, ending in separations and divorces. Therefore, we think that traditional marriage has to evolve if it needs it in new formulas that reactivate it or make it survive. One of those options (each case is a world), could be the visit to Apricots of the marriage to make threesomes with the girls, or the husband to fulfill fantasies that his wife does not feel like making or that it is the woman herself who wants to do a little sneak to make a lesbian, which of course, our husbands can’t give us.

We don’t believe in love at first sight but we fuck on the first date. We want to be your brand of brothels.
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