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At Apricots we have always defended that when things are well done, they will always lead to success. That is why we are one of the most recognized national agencies in Barcelona. We base our work on ethics and respect for the client and especially for the girls. Girls who freely decide to dedicate themselves to this profession and do it collaborating with us. We are one of the companies with the best reputation among our collaborators and managers. For this reason, our family is largely supported by people who are recommended, and we are proud of it.

Apricots has continued to grow, applying the same values ​​with which it started about 10 years ago. And believe me, this is not easy. Competition at city level has grown in recent years. The professionalization of the sector has also increased, to everyone’s satisfaction, as this has contributed to improving customer service and above all the conditions of Barcelona escorts.

All this forces us to maintain a level of excellence in all aspects of our company. We want to continue being a benchmark at the local and national level. We want to continue receiving the good reviews from our clients and provide solutions to the not-so-good ones. We want to have the help and diligence of the managers, who find in our company more a home than a job. And we want every woman who wants to freely practice prostitution to count on us, to be able to develop their profession in a friendly and professional work environment.

All sectors are having difficult days due to COVID-19. The paralysis of activity and movement of people worldwide has also slowed down the global economy. Countries like Spain, whose GDP depends heavily on tourism, suffers more than other states from this general stop. But we must collect ourselves and endure to be able to reactivate everything safely and without new incidents. Only this way can we start generating new business without new stops and relapses. And thus gradually come out of this exceptional situation.

Many people say that nothing will ever be the same, that the damage done at business level can no longer be repaired. But from Apricots and from other companies, we believe it can be. We want to believe that nothing is lost yet. That we are the people who are going to decide when and how this will end. And we are the people who, with our efforts and perseverance, are going to raise, again, the economy and well-being of this country. We cannot allow the efforts of all those who give their lives every day to care for and save other people to fall on deaf ears.

All the people who these days have been at the foot of the canyon, not caring about their wages, their overtime and even their own health, deserve that we do not give up. Shortly, these anonymous heroes will finally defeat this virus and it will be time to pay homage to them. And there will be no better way to thank them, than to work hard and with the same performance as them, to return to normality. A normality for which they have fought putting their lives on the line.

All of us will have it easier, our health will not be in danger. We just have to work hard, surely less than they do, be supportive, not decay, give up little things temporarily. To finally, return to a desired, and to date little valued normality. To return to a general state that makes this time go away quickly and seems more like a bad dream than a reality. But be careful, without forgetting and learning from a situation that we hope will not be repeated in the future.

From Apricots, we hope that things will change when we have defeated COVID-19. We hope that people will realize that when we unite and stand in solidarity we can overcome any situation by criticism. That, by helping others, we feel better as people and we are happier. And above all, that life is there to be enjoyed every day.

We wish you and your loved ones the very best. We hope we’ll get to see each other again soon and enjoy the little things as we did not so long ago.

A hug and encouragement.

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