Cómo usar los dedos para conseguir un orgasmo femenino
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How to masturbate a woman with your fingers

Men’s hands and fingers can become magical if they know how to use them. Surely this phrase already gives you an idea of what I am going to teach you today.

Sometimes, making a woman enjoy sexually can be very complicated, I’ve been with many men who don’t know how to touch a woman even though they think so, that they do it like a charm. Have I ever been touched and stroked my tits as if they were squeezing lemons or kneading bread. The truth is that I don’t dislike it, but I like to show men how we like to be touched so that we get excited, enjoy and get into ecstasy.

A while ago, one of my companions published in the blog an article about the preliminaries in which We show you the 10 erogenous zones to put a thousand to a woman without touching her pussy . But today I want to explain how we like to be touched, I will explain some masturbation techniques so that you leave us shaking and dripping.

Tipos de orgasmo femenino

Types of Female Orgasm

Clitorial Orgasm

The clitoris is the main source of female sexual pleasure as it has more than 8,000 nerve endings. You have to know how to play with it, it requires a precise technique, do not believe that it is a magic button that with just pressing it the woman will explode with pleasure. It is important to locate him, there are still many men I have fucked who are lost in my forbidden garden.

You can play with the clitoris in different ways: using your fingers, a vibrator or even a sucker, this sex toy has become very fashionable, but I have to say that I have not tried it yet. If any of the readers have tried it, you can leave your comments at the end of the article.

Vaginal Orgasm

This type of orgasm is a myth for many women. The vast majority of girls fail to reach orgasm only with penetration or just by inserting their fingers, They need to stimulate the clitoris simultaneously.

Anal Orgasm

This type of orgasm is surprising, many women enjoy anal sex more that of the vaginal. It is not necessary to remind you that for anal sex it is essential to use a lot of lubrication, but I think that rather than enjoy, the opposite will happen.


This is my favorite, the perfect combination, when you touch and caress several areas simultaneously you can get a perfect orgasm. You can experience two different orgasms at the same time, for example: a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm, including an anal and a clitoral one. What do you think?

If you get your partner, woman, lover, flirt, roll, companion girl … climaxes, surely he wants to repeat with you. Because most men do not know how to stimulate a woman does not mean that you should not know either, but quite the opposite, you will be the man who will leave the male sector through the clouds.

experimentando un orgasmo femenino

How to make a woman reach orgasm

Clitorial Orgasm

One of my suggestions is to put a drop of lubricant on your fingers so you can gently massage the clitoris. Place your fingers next to the clitoris and slowly move them up and down the inner lips, make smooth and continuous movements.

You can also try with circular movements, do it slowly and slowly see a little more pressure inward, but look at her reaction to see if she likes it. If you see her lick her lip or she is getting excited, try circling the entrance of the vagina with your other hand without inserting your fingers, just stroking her inner lips.

If your hand gets tired or your fingers numb, try combining it with an erotic toy going up and down the area while you recover.

Vaginal Orgasm

According to one study, 70% of women fail to reach orgasm only with vaginal stimulation. As of today, thanks to my advice, we will surely reduce this statistic.

To start stimulating the vagina we will start rubbing the lips on the outside and little by little we will introduce the fingers inwards. If you see that your wife is not wet, apply some lubricant.

The position of your hand has to be like when Spiderman throws a spider web, introduces two fingers (the ring and the middle) inside the vagina and move them in a circular way and from the inside out, in this way you will caress the famous Point G. You can increase the speed and pressure as long as you see that she enjoys. If you do it right you may even experience a Squirting.

Anal Orgasm

Sorry if I repeat myself, but it is very important to use a lubricant since the anus does not lubricate on its own as is the case with the vagina.

Start stroking the anal opening with circular erotic massage, and slowly and gently insert your finger a little, and repeat the action of massaging the outside of the anal area.

Then insert your finger and start massaging the internal sphincter with circular and deeper movements.


To get a combo orgasm, also known as mixed orgasm, it is essential to stimulate two parts of the body at the same time. This is my favorite, it is the orgasm that if they do not have a pillow to bite, they will not be able to hold on and they will scream with pleasure if they cannot.

To experience a vaginal combo orgasm use one hand to massage the G-spot and the other to caress the clitoris. Use parallel rhythms, combine speed and pressure. It’s about experimenting.

For mixed anal orgasm it would be practically the same, to caress the clitoris while inserting your fingers or an erotic toy through the anus.

Cara de orgasmo femenino

We have been able to verify that there are other ways to excite and take a woman to orgasm without using penetration. Guys, don’t always think about penetration, even if we love that you put it in, we also like to play, to caress us, to kiss us and to touch us.

Keep in mind that not all women are equal and not everything learned will work for everyone, you should pay attention to their movements, signals … to identify what they like and what they don’t.

And you, do you know any masturbation technique so that your partner reaches orgasm?

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