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The world of the prostitution in an infographic

From Apricots, and on the occasion of the International Day of the Sexual Workers , we decided that it was necessary to clarify concepts about the paid sex sector. We realized that there is so much ignorance and confusion and, as the media does not help in the work of informing, we wanted to try it ourselves. A brothel, vulgarly said!

As a first thing, it is important to show that there is no type of exhaustive study on prostitution in Spain; the investigations focus instead on talking about trafficking, exploitation, violence, mafias, etc., and they do not open their eyes to see and be able to tell everything that really covers this sector. The same happens at European level, where, for example, the UN has made the report “Trafficking of people towards Europe for the purpose of sexual exploitation” estimating that 15% of sex workers are victims of trafficking. So, if 15% of women are forced to prostitute themselves, logically the remaining percentage consists of women who decide to do it voluntarily , for whatever reason.

Another aspect that we want to point out is that the fact that men also prostitute themselves is never mentioned. It is possible that it is a ridiculous percentage compared to that of women, but equally, why is it hidden? In no research or study, national or international, we have been able to find out the percentage of men offering sexual services. Also, it was impossible to find data on transsexual people who offer their bodies in exchange for money.

Clarified the fact that trafficking, exploiting, the mafia are a (sad) reality, in the infographic we detail the places where a person who decides to prostitute voluntarily and another who is obliged move.

We hope that our contribution will serve to clarify doubts about the paid sex sector. Meanwhile, we will continue to build the path for ethical prostitution to become a reality.

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