Cómo ser infiel e ir de putas sin ser descubierto
No seas egoísta, compárteme con tus amigos

How to be unfaithful and go to whores without being discovered

Out of sight, out of mind. What a beautiful and deep phrase. If my father already said it, it is not because of cowardice or selfishness, sometimes it is better not to tell the whole truth so that the other person does not suffer, as simple as that. Deep down, I know that my father loves my mother very much and shows it every day, but sometimes over the years, routine or boredom causes a person not to find what he wants or needs at home and has to Go out and look for it.

I already have been in Apricots and, after talking with some of the girls and clients, I have been able to draw my own conclusions. As a result of what I have learned, I have wanted to prepare a guide to help unfaithful men or those who want to be and do not dare. Now you will have no excuse to come and see us and have an exciting and unforgettable time!

I often fantasize about unfaithful men, they put me so much … I do not know if it’s because of their discretion, not wanting to compromise, because they get to the point or because of their smell of married and the morbid to be discovered but, I would spend the day fucking with them.

Well, I focus again because my mind is just thinking about exciting things and I would have to get up from the computer to go do a little finger or look for an unfaithful man who could relax me.

With the advice of this guide you will be the “best infidel” in the world, worth the redundancy. I will write them with only one condition, that you put them into practice and tell me your experience at the end of this article. And if you dare, I invite you to practice them to be able to come to Apricots, to know that I will be waiting for you, step list.

Manual to be the perfect infidel and not to be discovered

Do not use always the same excuse

If you usually frequent a brothel, or, you are deceiving your partner, do not tell him the same excuse, again and again. In the end you may suspect that women have a sixth sense, an infidelity expert tells you.

Organize a sports activity once a week

You have to practice sports, no matter the place. Think that after having a hard sex you will have to shower, as if you had gone to the gym or played a game of paddle tennis. Your wife would suspect if you came home showered after going to buy bread, well, you could always tell her that you fell into the flour sack and the clerk has lent you her shower.

Control all the lies

If you are a compulsive liar, caretaker, sometimes you can escape some little credible lie. Better small truths than fat lies. The typical excuse of I went out to buy tobacco and arrive 3 hours late home, freshly showered and super relaxed no longer sneaks, unless you say you have smoked the whole package.

Disable Whatsapp, switch to Telegram, or better yet, turn off the phone

New technologies can play tricks on us, did you know that they can now follow your steps in real time through WhatsApp? You are right. The other day I followed my father, yes, my father has WhatsApp and I caught him entering the premises of Apricots next to the Camp Nou. The guy knows where the good is!

If you are a fan of technology, switch to Telegram with your self-destruction of chats is the best option to leave no trace;)

Be natural

Naturally, above all, do not behave strangely. If you never give flowers to your partner, do not arrive with a bouquet of flowers that day because you will know what happens. Act like you would every day.

Avoid body signals

One of the most important tips of this guide for infidels, do not come home with carmine, hickeys, scratches, etc. Remember that your partner can see you naked, here is not useful to leave you mark in places not visible. Better leave a mark on the inside. Oh, how beautiful it was! Remember that in Apricots we do not leave a mark, discretion is our maxim.

Use the incognito page when you browse the Internet

Did not you know that you can surf the Internet anonymously? Yes, now you can see the Apricots page and make your reservation with the girl you want without leaving a trace on your computer. You like it, right? Since I showed it to my father, I can no longer control what porn pages he follows.

Always pay cash

If you have a joint account with your partner, do not think of paying with a card, never of the never. Always keep a corner in cash, so you can never be tracked and you can pay in a discreet way.

Take always a good shower, whenever you can

Beware of perfume scents! We have already warned you before, if you come from the perfect gym, but if you come to take some canes with some friends, do not come with the smell of cologne or smell of newly showered. I have been told that there are neutral soaps, that leave no trace, just like us.

Beware of alcohol

What was the saying like? I think it was something like drunkards telling the truth. Well, be very careful when you have a few drinks to see if you are going to tell your partner if you want to target your private outings. Can you imagine that she wants to accompany you? What a fantasy, right?

I am working on a list of the most curious excuses, the most used and the ones that work best so that you can take advantage of it. In a few weeks you will have it ready!

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