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Reflections of an intern

I would never have imagined reaching this, and I am not talking about having orgasm, which I have also achieved. I am very excited because from today, I am the new intern of Apricots and I will do everything possible to stay there and have a great time with all of you.

My two great passions are sex and football, well, better said, the soccer players, especially at that moment when they take off their shirts after putting goals, mmm …

Well, now you wonder why a girl like this is in apricots, it is very simple, because I do not go with anyone, I just like to be with cool and respectul people. Also my position on prostitution has always been open, I do not know if its because of by my father, who already had a very definite opinion about how beneficial it is to go for whores, what do you think about it?

The 10 advantages to go to whores for my dad :


You do not have problems to fuck if you are not very hot. You do not need to be Cristiano Ronaldo or Piqué to be able to fuck. My father was a mix between Fari and Barragán, but he fucked a pibón every week.


You can lose your virginity with an expert. You will not have pressure and whatever happens, will remain in privacy. Then tell your friends what you want …


If you are conservative and methodical, of those who eat paella every Thursday in the same place, that every Christmas you wear the same reindeer jersey and you like to fuck on Tuesdays at 11: 00h, you will never run out of fucking, I reserve for you?


If your partner has a headache or is tired … Nothing happens, you only have to arrive a little later from work, football or if you are an athlete, tell them you are going to run, you will not be lying to them.


You can fulfill your sexual fantasies with a hot student and practice with her all your fetishes.


No need to flirt. You pay for sex, so you do not have to waste hours inviting her for drinks or listening to her problems during the whole night. It’s a Fixed fuck!


In the variety is the spice. You can choose girls with the characteristics that you like: tall, short, big tits, big ass, blondes, brunettes … We know, choosing is very difficult, but it has an easy solution: try them all!


You can fuck with socks and nothing happens. How many times have they told you to take off your socks and you do not want to because it’s cold.


If you run fast, nobody gets mad. – “There’s no need to say anything else” – as Bernd Schuster said.


Not everything is fucking, sometimes just talking, you can also feel satisfied. Although a little sex never hurts.

I hope that the arguments that my father gave to his colleagues to accompany him have served you like him, since he never went alone to a brothel, hehehe. By the way, what a little head I have, I have not told you my name, my name is Debora Melhos Vaixos and i am waiting for you 😉

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