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Behind the Obscene: Meritxell, prostitute and mother

Behind the Obscene is the new section of the Apricots blog. It is a space in which the girls of company are revealed through small interviews. With Behind the Obscene we will discover secrets, anecdotes and curiosities about their experiences in this sector, but we will also try to get to know girls beyond their profession.

Behind the Obscene proposes to be a place of conversation where there are neither masks nor false truths. We want to tell on the one hand how the girls are behind the obscene scenario in which they usually act, on the other hand to show that often the attribution of the adjective “obscene” is the result of a confused and superficial knowledge of things.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we have many.

It was a Wednesday morning when I went to Corséga. I had not met any of the girls, but I went there sure that at least one of them would have been willing to be interviewed. When I arrived, the first thing I did was to explain to the person in charge the reason for my visit. She liked the interview and she said “Propose it to the girls”.

I tried to do it but the ones that were there were enjoying a break, so they did not pay much attention to me, they did not want to know anything about “scrolls”. After those first moments of total indifference to me. I got the attention of the girls and clarify that I had no bad intentions, that I just wanted to chat with them and get to know them a little better. In the end, I do not know if it is because of pity for me or to leave them alone, they advised me to talk to Meritxell, because they said that she “has a lot of talk and charm”. I asked Meritxell if she wanted to and after a few moments of indecision, she finally agreed to talk with me for a while.

What follows is what she told me:

Tell us a little about yourself, Meritxell, starting with your provenance. Where are you from? I’m from South America but I prefer not to specify exactly where.

How long have you been in Spain and how much in Apricots? I’ve been in Spain for 6 years and since 1 month in Apricots.

Why Apricots and not another escort agency? In this agency I feel comfortable because I am not obliged to do anything I do not want, here you are free, you do not have obligations as in other places. I was also working in my apartment, but here (in Apricots) I feel much calmer and protected. And also because the clientele is different; here many tourists come and the treatment is very pleasant, they are very respectful.

How long have you been in this profession? 5 years.

What do you like most about being a company girl? And what less? I do not like it very much, I do it mainly for the money. My intention is to change my job. In my country I studied, but I still have to validate the title.

So what made you dedicate yourself to escort services? When I arrived in Barcelona I had a baby and I was alone; between the apartment, child care, immigration lawyer and other expenses. Then I had to earn much more than I would have earned in a normal job, so that was my only option, especially when I knew that it’s possible to work during the day. With the schedules that I organize now, I can dedicate time to my son and I have all the flexibility I need.

Being able to go back, would you follow the same path? If not, why? No. First because I do not like it, and secondly because in reality when I arrived here I did not do things well. I had to come with all the papers in order because I already knew that I was coming to stay. Nor did I worry about studying Catalan and validating my degree, I let time pass and I have no excuse. Going back, I would have done everything differently. Now I have set a goal, a time limit. I want to continue in this one more year to keep enough money to be calm with my son. A few years ago things were going better in this sector, I made a lot of money a month and I did not take advantage of it.

How did you spend so much money per month? There are people who do not earn as much in a year … I know, the problem is that the more you earn the more you spend. I had a very high standard of living, I bought a lot of clothes, I lived in a huge flat in the center with an employee, I had a driver that took me to the exits to the hotels , I sent money to my daughters in my country and to the people of my neighborhood who knew that I was in need. Like 100 euros to this one, 100 to the another one and the money ran out. Also, I went to clubs every night, because it was my way of escaping from reality, as if to forget everything for a while. I think if I did not have the child I would continue with that crazy life …

In other words, if you did not have the child you would not like to leave this one year from now as you mentioned before? I think it’s time to get out of all this, to save and change your life. I think all this has happened to me so that I understand that I do not have to live like this. My child has been my savior.

Does your family know what you do? My mother is the only one who knows what I do, I told her about the same thing that my former partner did, in case one day something happens to me that they know where to look for me. I have 6 more sisters, they do not know what I do because they are Christian. However, I think they suspect it because a cleaning woman here in Spain does not earn that much. The only thing they tell me are some hints like: “If we could live well in our country, you can too. You also studied, do not look for the easy way “.

Your mother how did you accept the fact that you dedicate yourself to this? She has not accepted it, we never talk about this. She knows it just in case. She never want to take money from me even she is in need, she never accept, because it would be like helping me to continue with this profession. She does not ask me anything, rather she is telling me all the time that she is looking for a job for me, and that her boss has a management company and he is ready to help me.

Do you have any funny anecdotes to tell us? During pregnancy I worked for 8 months as a masseuse, because there are people that their fetish is pregnant women and that give them a lot of morbid, but I never had sex while pregnant. The customers gift me a lot of clothes for the baby, chocolates and they left me very good tips. Come on, the part where I had the most fun was during pregnancy because I did not fuck and I earned more. When I had the child, many clients had made the calculation of when I had given birth and they called me to see if I had breast milk to give them. The truth is that the strangest things happen to me when I was working alone in my apartment, here in Apricots everything is normal.

Have you ever fallen in love with a client? No, and the truth is that I do not understand how a man who knows that you are working in this sector can love you. I know many girls that has happened to them, but I think there comes a time when they’re going to throw you. For example, I separated from my son’s father because he did not assimilate my condition, and then I was only a masseuse. Nowadays he keeps telling me that he can not accept it because he thinks that if I get out of this, one day he could go back to work on the same thing and he is right, if the economic situation requires it, I would do it again. That is why I prefer to be alone, first because I do not feel bad about the couple I am with, and then because I do not see a man accepting this. It is hard to find someone with an open mind that is capable of accepting us as we are.

When you finish this profession, there will come a time when you will meet a man outside of this environment. Will you be honest with him and tell him about your past? Yes, I will tell him the truth. And do you know why? Because you can always find someone who knows, either because he has seen you in a photo, video, etc, so I prefer to tell him before that someone else tell him. Better always go with the truth ahead.

Does it bother you if they call you a bitch? Yes, for me the bitches are the ones who are in the street, in a corner and have pimp. We do not have a pimp here, we’re free. The girls who are in the street should try to work inside agencies to see the security they can have.

What do you think of street prostitution? I think that when you are on the street there are many policemen, you can approach anyone and ask for help. Here in Spain they help you a lot, if you do not have papers and someone is exploiting you, they give you support and propose you outings. Personally they have to regulate prostitution to prevent girls from being in the street; this way they would work in a safe environment and could do with their body what they want and be their own owners. There are very nice women on the street and I think “do not tell me you could not work alone, you need to be in a corner like that”, they do not have to have a pimp, they could work alone or be in quiet places like Apricots. For example, my former partner is very macho, but I said to him: “I work and I support myself” why do you have to tell me if I can or can not leave, where I go and with whom, then no. If you do not like how I am, you leave, but do not tell me how I have to be, what I have to do or how I have to dress.

Would you live in your country again? When I will have a house, yes. At the moment I do not want to return for my son, there is a lot of crime there. I want him to grow up here, to be educated in Spain. In addition, in my country I have two other daughters, who are now older. The first I had when I was very young, but I was very excited to have it. But the little one, the last one, was an unexpected surprise.

Are you in favor of abortion? Neither in favor nor against. I think it’s bad to do it but there are times when there is no other solution. I think that bringing a child to the world if you can not keep it is a selfish person.

Have you worked in other Spanish cities? What are the difference with Barcelona? Yes, I worked in Ibiza. There the prices tend to be higher because the work is very seasonal and then there is nothing.

And did you also work in other countries? If yes, what changes with respect to Spain? Yes, I worked in France, in Paris. There you also earn more, customers do not demand anything from you, they are more respectful people. There I worked a lot because the French like blondes, chiquititas and thin like me. And of course, because prostitution is illegal there.

Do you speak French? No, I just practice it * laughs * … now I’m studying it because I have a lot of French client and I’d like to have more complete conversations with them.

Is the sex you practice different when you do not charge? Yes. Although when I do as work, I only do it with who I want, but if I sleep with someone to whom I am fond of course it’s different. Sex made with love is always something else. Although I must admit that in the end it is skin with skin and you can not go against your senses.

What would you not do for money? Take drugs, I have this very clear. It would be the last straw, I was a drug addict * many laughs * .

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