Supersticiones en el mundo del puterío

Superstitions in the whoring’s world

Superstitions, who of you does not have at least one? Everyone touches wood to ward off bad luck or throws coins at a source to call good, right? Well, the whoring sector also has its superstitious practices, some more funny or effective than others, judge by yourself.

But, how is it that people have ended up having superstitions? You will know that all the fault lies with primitive man and his need to give an explanation to phenomena considered supernatural, such as thunder, eclipses, night, see how a tree is born from a seed or Rajoy. So, he began to associate all this with the manifestation of an unearthly intervention, and from there, to think that it was better not to bitch that entity, lest the trees stop bearing fruit or Rajoy be stupid.

Although today science has answered many of these unexplainable questions, we still maintain many of those superstitions, and same things happen with the whores .

The one that stands out the most is the one related to San Pancracio , the saint of those afflicted by poverty, fortune and gambling. When the prostitutes have few clients, they punish the saint by putting him in the freezer. But if they just want to give him a touch of attention so that he clears up and encourages himself to do decently his work as a saint, they shower him with cold water. On the contrary, if San Pancrazio has behaved well by bringing many customers and good tips, he is honored with coins, parsley, rice, lentils and candles. No straw, that San Pancrazio does not like those things, is very shy.

In addition to the figure of San Pancrazio, there is also that of Pomba Gira , a kind of goddess belonging to the Afro-Brazilian culture that Brazilian girls usually consider patron of women of distracted morals. Unlike San Pancrazio, Pomba Gira can not be bitten by vengeful acts like the freezer. She only wants to receive gifts and to be given the ball (women are like that). So, the escorts honor her with flowers, perfumes, clothes, heels, vibrators, cigarettes and alcohol hoping that in return the goddess will not behave like a bitch.

Apart from saints and goddesses, the girls have developed other good luck practices, here are some examples:

  • When there is no work, they throw lentils and rice into the street. And guess what they get with this … that the street gets dirty or that it gets harder? Ask them.
  • The first girl of the day that works, has to go out and throw ice backwards. What they get with this is to get the street wet, fixed.
  • The first money of the day you win, you have to rub it all over your body. In this case all they get is having to take a shower because who knows where this money has been. It’s just that I’m a little prudish, I know.
  • Attract good luck by showering with cava and rose petals. Good luck stays in a corner thinking that he would rather drink this Champagne, and I also think the same.

Each company girl, depending on where she is, will have her superstitions and ways to attract or ward off good/bad luck. The ones we have presented are those that, in general, most girls share, but we are sure that a few days from now, others will have been invented. And you, do you know more superstitions? If yes, which ones work better?

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