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The photos that turn you on the most

A few weeks ago we talked about some persuasion techniques useful for the escorts to improve their sale strategy. After all, what an escort sells is, her body, therefore her “product” will have to be presented in the best way so that the client feels attracted to it and ends up by buying it.

However, before the client arrives to live this moment possibly he will first go through another window: the website with the photos of the girls. It is exactly there that the potential buyer will make the decision: buy or not buy, that is the question. Well, keep in mind that the time spent on the website is quite short, so the photos will have to convince you immediately.

In order for the potential buyer to make the decision, the photos will have to penetrate his mind in the shortest time possible by going deeply into his subconscious. It is necessary to awaken the desire, to feed the morbid, to provoke the urge to embed. So the question arises by itself: how must the photos be to get all this? Well, here we reveal it:

  • Natural : let’s forget the crappy poses that were so fashionable in the ’70s. Nowadays it is best to show the “product” in a realistic and credible context. This translates into images that seem stolen from privacy: in bed while reading a magazine, taking a shower, drinking a cup, taking off the bra, sunbathing or any other action that everyone does every day without caring. Well, better avoid when you are grabbing the beans or taking off your Tampax. Of course, the perspective of the framing is fundamental, being this one like that of a voyeur who secretly spies.
  • Styling : the less clothing, better is it. That’s right, you have to teach the “product”, without forgetting that you have to comply with the naturalness parameter. So why put on a leopard-print swimsuit with bright pink heels while lying on the bed? This does not happen in real life, and if it happens, for sure you are a Kardashians. And everyone knows that it’s better to be called a whore than Kardashian, right? Therefore free way to lace lingerie, natural colors, pranks, thongs, culottes, stockings, garters or any garment that makes the girl feel terribly sexy and feminine, without being vulgar. Apart from the lingerie and the naked body, other items that work well are jeans shorts, leather jackets, casual shirts and semi-transparent shirts, as well as men’s shirts.
  • No fear and no shame : the pussy, girls, you have to teach the pussy. Whether he likes it or not, that’s what he “sells” the most. We are aware that being in front of a half-naked objective is not easy, and it does not matter if your job is to sell your body. Despite this, we must overcome fear and shame, however it may be. For this reason it is very important to trust the work of the photographer and his assistant, and have a few drinks before. No, this is a joke!
  • Photoshop : this devilish tool must be used in the right way, that is, if I am a chubby girl I can not pretend to be in the thin photo like the handle of the broom. In the publicity jargon that would be called “mega hoax”, although the most refined publicists prefer to say “misleading advertising”. The retouching is allowed to a certain point: to remove scars, moles, tattoos or other elements that may lead to identify the girl. So, if you’re chubby, accept it or eat a little less!

What do you think about the photos in this post? Any that you like in a special way? … We bet that you like them all, right?

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