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10 reasons to go to whores: how to know that the moment has arrived?

You already know that I am still searching the subject for my thesis and, for me, it is not easy to find one that interests everybody. But I think I’m getting closer little by little. What I have noticed is that sex is one of the favorite topics around the world, or everything related to it, although many do not want to know or be ashamed to recognize it.

It goes without saying that in newspapers and online media there is always some news related to sex or prostitution. Specifically last week we could read a variety of news related to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) but also prostitution … The media know that this type of news sells and is a great way to capture visits to their pages. It’s a secret, but some of the directors are friends of mine and they have confirmed it to me.

As always, my research begins by asking my father, and in this case I wanted to include my brother to get the opinion of two completely different profiles. My father, the voice of experience in prostitution, and my brother, the innocent apprentice. Besides, I also asked all my friends (both single and married) and some clients, the most trusted ones of course, if they could help me to solve this mystery, which is: when they decided to go to whores and what are the reasons?

After some interesting and long conversations, I think I can tell you some of the moments when a man decides to have sex with a whore:

1. Not enough sex

Perhaps it is the main cause that encourages men to look for sex outside the home. Your women always have a headache, or have so many rules and every week they became harder. The solution is easy, look for an escort that will satisfy all your needs .

2. Uncomfortable moments with the couple

More than one person has told me that she feels uncomfortable practicing sex with her partner. Has it ever happened to you that while you are in the dust your wife has told you what you had to buy in the supermarket? For example: “we have to buy wipes for our son” It will seem like a joke, right? Well, unfortunately  it is not! More than one friend of mine has happened to him. This is a clear reason to go for whores: to practice sex without being reminded our daily duties.

3. Satisfy present desire

My brother, who is still very young, can be turned on easily. He felt disgusted and as he did not manage to flirt on the party that he has been, decided to leave and go to satisfy himself by meeting whores. I think it was a success, he learned things that he did not know could be done. And my brother is not the only one they have cheated on, many people I asked had happened to them too.

4. Mention of a third party

This has even happened to me, I was with my former partner and while we were fucking Marta called me instead of Debora. It turns out that Marta was the neighbor of the fifth. Since I am very open, one day I invited her to make a trio, although I ended up leaving my boyfriend.

Sometimes it is normal to fuck and get excited thinking about others, but be careful not to say it out loud.

5. Suffer too much stress

The family, work, bills, personal problems … sometimes generate a lot of stress and going to the gym is not enough to get rid of all the load we carry. On the other hand, going to whores is more pleasant and satisfying

6. Sexual routines

How can it be that your wife only wants to do the missionary? My brother told me that his partner only wanted to do the missionary, because she was afraid to make positions, that she considered for porn star. Do not conform to the missionary, try and experiment with new positions. I will explain to you what are the sexual tendencies of the moment.

7. Being unable to find a partner

There are people who either do not like having a partner, or can not find it. But why they can’t have sex when there are ways to practice it? Fuck whenever you want with who you want and do not deprive yourself.

8. It is never enough

For example, my father has told me more than once that he never has enough sex, he always wants more… The same thing has been said to me by some of my friends; It seems that their women like sex, experiment, have even made trios, but never have enough.

9. Women always travel

Executives are not the ones who travel and are away from home. Sometimes we spend more time away from home and you have certain needs that you want to satisfy, and you can not do it when you feel like it. Well, yes, if I tell you how!

10. You go all day horny

If from you wake up until you go to sleep, you think about sex, it’s a sign that you do not have enough sex. As Berto Romero says in his new series, “I’ve come to peel thinking of Maria Teresa Campos.” If you have done it … you need a good dust, but now!

If you have experienced some of these symptoms, now you know, it’s time to try new experiences and visit an escort. As my father used to say, “how can you say that you do not like being a whore if you have not tried it?”. Like everything in life, to speak and affirm something, you must try it before.

We don’t believe in love at first sight but we fuck on the first date. We want to be your brand of brothels.
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