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5 safety tips to go for whores in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress 2018

The Mobile World Congress 2018 is approaching and we are impatient! Our Apricots can’t wait to give pleasure and relieve tensions to all those who need to de-stress their passage through the congress and get lost inside their kisses, caresses, massages, and why not an erotic shower. Your stay in Barcelona will be unforgettable!

The MWC 2018 is considered the most important congress around the world of mobile technology and communication worldwide. But it is also unique opportunity for hookers, escorts, managers, engineers, scientists, businessmen, investors from the areas of wireless systems and mobile applications to connect and take positions for a correct negotiation and a fruitful result.

But it is also an opportunity for intrusion and those who take advantage of the large influx of “clients” for scams, abusive practices and thefts.

Thats why i will give you 5 essential tips to enjoy your stay in Barcelona for the World Mobile Congress (WMC) that takes place at the Fira of Barcelona.

1. Visit only licensed dating houses

In Spain prostitution is not regulated. In Catalonia, however, the situation is different, as some administrative licenses are granted that regulate the premises where prostitution can take place. However, in Barcelona street prostitution itself is punishable, whether it is the consumption or request for sexual services on any public thoroughfare, with fines for clients and prostitutes ranging from € 750 to € 3,000.

  • – Do not follow them to the apartments and watch out for the independents, sometimes they are not alone and the pimp is in the other room.

  • – Many street girls do not engage in sexual intercourse, but serve as a hook to steal your wallet at first carelessness. Beware of the motels they take you to, the buddy or pimp may be waiting for you.

Locals who hold the license such as the two Apricots dating houses, are the safest place to offer and consume sexual services.

If you want to know more about the legal situation of prostitution in Spain follow this link.

2. Be careful with your wallet

When making payments, do not give your credit card and do not let anyone see your pin, cover with the other hand when you enter your password, some sites have cameras to view them and then make unauthorized charges to customers. How do you later claim that a brothel has charged you?

3. Be careful with the taxi —–> Very important

Some taxi drivers in Barcelona will try to take you to places where they charge abusive prices to tourists and use illegal methods to defraud customers. Be careful with these taxi drivers ! We have the same rates for all our same rates for all our clients, tourists or not , and you can consult them on the web. If you want to come to our agency, you get into a taxi and the driver wants to take you to another place do not agree, you are in danger.Insist on going where you want, tell him you have a reservation or that some colleagues are waiting for you and be firm about it.

Many clubs usually give a commission to taxi drivers to bring customers. Apricots does not stipulate agreements of this kind with the taxi drivers and it will never happen, but we do have some reliable taxis. If you decide to come to one of our dating houses, it’s because you want to, not because the taxi driver oblige you.

4. Follow our tips to go fucking

Nothing like good advice to enjoy a perfect date. Give, receive, give, receive … that’s what communication is about.

Speaking of course, some good tips to go for whores never come badly and that is why I recommend you to read the Advice of the girls for a perfect dateand to be careful with drinks, always ask for closed drinks and that they serve them in front of you.

5.The Apricots FAQS 

In the following link you can see the most frequently (FAQS) asked questions about the brothels, such as the price of an escort in Barcelona, ​​if the company girls go to a hotel, what kind of sexual services do the girls offer or what does the service include?. We do not have all the answers, but we are sure that we will help you;)

Get rid of technology, turn off your mobile and stop looking for Wi-Fi, coverage will be provided. Change the facial recognition for facial French or practice the Greek leave for a while the java and succumb to the pleasures and luxury, come to know us and call us .

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