Tendencias sexuales para follar como nunca
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6 sexual trends to fuck as never before

Last weekend I went to the cinema to watch the movie Fifty shades of grey. For those who do not know, is the third installment of the famous erotic novel Fifty Shades of Gray. A movie in which they do not stop fucking, where sex and sado are the main ingredients.

I have to admit that I came very horny from the movies, this time I did not dare to touch me inside the room, although the level of excitement was maximum. I think they give me more erotic movies than porn videos, although sometimes to masturbate they go like a dildo ring, I say to the finger.

I would hug and kiss E. L. James (Erika Leonard Mitchell), the author of this erotic novel, because it has made women get very horny and we ventured to perform new sexual practices that we had never imagined before. I’m sure many of you also appreciate it! Has your partner read the book or seen the movie? Take advantage of Valentine’s Day to propose to your wife to go see the movie, it sure she will gets very hot. Since you will leave the cinema very horny and with a lot of desire for sex, I propose some places where you can fuck in the city. Or you can come visit us and ride for a trio.You will thank me! And if your wife does not feel like it! No worries my friends are willing to make your fantasies come true

In sex, as in fashion, new trends emerge every year. The novel Fifty shades of Gray put on everyone’s lips, never better said, the BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism). And I, after being in Apricots, I have seen and spoken with many clients, who have told me that they like to innovate and experience new sensations. I have done a little research and here is the result: the new sexual tendencies of 2018 for you to fuck and enjoy as you have never done before:

Erotic Toys

The erotic toys allow us to experience both alone and with our partner, they are ideal to get out of the routine. Sex toys can help rekindle the flame in your marriage, they are perfect for the preliminaries. But if you are single and want to play together, you can also, I know a place where they will help you discover new forms of pleasure. Little by little, erotic toys are no longer taboo. When I was little I collected stuffed animals, now I collect vibrators.

Sexual fantasies

Surely you have a fantasy in mind that you have never realized and you are dying to carry it out. Having a sexual fantasy is good for your health because it increases sexual desire and you experience a greater pleasure getting to get more intense orgasms. Have you ever fantasized with your teacher, or that a police officer arrests you and makes you yours at the police station? Would you like to know my fantasy? I have so many that one day I will tell you.

Duplex or Threesome

In case you still have not heard and do not know what duplex means, I’ll tell you, it refers to the sexual practice that involves two women and one man. It is considered a category within the sexual threesome. Surely one of your fantasies is to fuck a woman while you eat the other’s pussy, or two women eat your cock at the same time. You’ve got horny just thinking about it, right? I invite you to propose to your wife to come as a come as a couple to Apricots. You will not regret it!


Thanks to Fifty Shades of Gray I discovered that there are different types of fetishes such as BDSM and foot fetish, among others. Personally, I get horny when a man want to smell and wear my used panties. But if there is a practice that excites me and makes me very hot, it is that they touch, caress, kiss and lick my feet.

Make a French

I do not mean to make a French omelette, although it is also good accompanied by tomato bread, but to make a french fellatio. This oral sex practice has different varieties: Natural french, the facial French and the full french . When we speak of natural French, we refer to when they suck you without a condom. The French facial, as the name indicates, is when you run in the face, you’ve probably seen it in porn movies. Oh, shut up! That you do not see porn! XD

And finally, the complete French, is when you run into your mouth. Did you know that complete French is one of the most requested in Barcelona?

From my experience, I can affirm that practicing French is one of the sexual tendencies that will never go out of style. If you’ve never had a blowjob, you do not know what you’re missing, baby.

Anal sex

The Anal sex, also known as Greek, is one of the forbidden pleasures of life. Practicing it, is one of your fantasies and you know it. If you love to enjoy it, but your wife is a little princess, or you have never tried it, there are places where you love to enter through the back door. But never put yourself to the subject without first a good preparation and a good lubrification .

Some married friends have told me that their sex life has become quite routine after marriage, that there is no longer the emotion that existed before, that sex has become predictable and that is why they go out to look for it, to experiment, to learn things new ones and try to practice them at home. But this week they’re going to the movies to see Fifty Shades released and see if they can get a good fuck.

I think I have practiced almost all of these sexual tendencies, I love to keep emotion in my sex life, I like to be made to tremble with pleasure, but above all, I like to give it, to see how others enjoy it. And if I can help them and show them the way to ecstasy, I am more than satisfied.

In the end everything is a game, sexual tendencies are created by you and your companion. Practice the most morbid you get, those that make you enjoy and run wherever you want.

And do not forget, fucking prolongs life and, in Apricots we want to help you to live many more years.

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