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The 6 definitive tricks to break up with your girlfriend

How many times have you had to break a relationship in your life? And how many times have you delayed it because you did not find the words or the right moment? I know, I know … tou are not the only person in that situation. That is why, as I am always willing to make you happy, I have compiled what for me are the great techniques of rupture, confirmed and validated by married men, divorced and separated.

  1. It’s not you, it’s me.

    A classic this technique, not in vain is the most used. The inventor of this exit took the Oscar to the bastard of the year, so show that you’re an Oscar actor and start acting. You’re the bad guy in the movie, but of those good bad guys, who justify their acts out of love. The argument is that she does not deserve someone like you, that you are a horrible partner and that although you love her with madness, you must finish with her, so that she finds something better and stop suffering.

    In the background you are an altruist … so that the paper is solid, or more important is to reach a good level of self-insult until you say: “Quiet, I understand, thank you honey, if at the bottom you are a good” .

  2. Throw the junk to your friend.

    Here you are a bastard, bluntly. It’s something evil, but it always works. Or he tells you and she will break with you Instantly, or your friend accepts your proposal and you win a rebound lover, even if you keep your current partner. You always win;)

  3. Ask her ass incessantly

    “Come, do not be like that, if it’s not going to hurt … “ Or she not accept it and cut with you or … you will have to come to give me thank you for improving your sex life (and yours, even if you do not know yet;)

  4. If the game goes, risky.

    Depends on how brave you are you can play one hand or another:

    • If you know that she wants to marry someday, tell her that you have been thinking about it and that you have decided to stay single, that you do not like commitment and that as you are already well, if she really dreams of dressing in white and loves herself It will put your wishes before yours and someone willing will be sought.
    • On the contrary, if you know you do not want to get married, ask for a marriage and tell them you can not take it anymore without committing yourself. But beware, this is almost like Russian roulette, I know of men who have used this option and then invited me to their wedding. Facing the consequences.
  5. Try to have worse and worse sex.

    There are two risks to using this technique, that she loves you so much and accept to endure this sexual failure, or that you work and break the relationship, but that is irreversible and it can stick to your skin for life for having practiced both the fast corse, suck badly and fuck like a hedgehog. Luck for your next relation!

  6. Drop an Apricots card.

    If you do not feel capable of executing any of the above techniques, you will always have the option to “forget” one of our business cards in the car, at home or in a strategic place where your wife, one of your friends or Even the mother-in-law can discover your sinful slip. You will be like a “putero”, yes, but you pass the hot potato to her, she will break up with you and you will take off a brown one. Come by the place to get a card without commitment;)

ATTENTION: These techniques are not infallible, although they have a high percentage of effectiveness. It may happen that she does not tell you anything, maybe she also has an affair and you have taken a step forward towards a liberal relationship or you have just discovered that she is a girl Apricots and believe you suspect it …

Of course, I bet on sincerity . Tell the truth, be honest, take the bull by the horns and tell him that you do not want to continue with the relationship for whatever reasons and face as a man the situation, simple and transparent and the safest thing is that everything goes well and even for you and let’s hit a good farewell dust.


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