¿Por qué somos infieles?
No seas egoísta, compárteme con tus amigos

Why are we unfaithful?

According to several studies of prestigious universities that nobody knows, numerous blogs and serious digital newspapers in search of a click, summer is the time of year with more infidelities . Among the reasons mentioned are trips with friends, parties and the sexy clothes on the beach.

Honey, both of us know that your body molded from Russian salad is not a reason for your partner to have a jealous attack.

There are a thousand situations and reasons that encourage us to put the horns, so stop reading nonsense on the Internet. The end of the article.

No, it’s a joke. According to the CIS, 20% of men and women in Spain have admitted that they have cheated on their partner. What are the main causes of infidelity?

  1. Non-acceptance of monogamy.

    When you promised eternal fidelity, were you sure that it was the only pussy or penis that you wanted to eat the rest of your life? One thing is love and another, sex. And yes! sex made by love is the most amazing one. But what I am saying, is if your partner has small boobs and one day you have the possibility to stick your head between two big tits you will also feel like the king of the world, right? Not because of the size, but because of the novelty.

    That’s why, I recommend that before promising fidelity, you ask yourself if that’s for you . The Inquisition was abolished in 1813 and in 2017 there are things like open couples or polygamy. If you want to know more about the topic, read the interview we did to Anahí Canela , although notice: we must be prepared and agree on the rules with your partner.

  2. Little imagination in bed.

    I will not get tired of saying that you have to forget your taboos or prejudices in sex. Buy yourself a dildo and fuck your husband by the back door, eat his feet , mount a threesome , try tantric sex, watch porn together, try to get it out a squirting or let it run in your face . There are a thousand ways to fuck, but if you continue with the missionary’s posture, it’s no wonder that your partner searches for a BDSM mistress.

    Even if I hate this movie, I have to admit that, in addition to giving my mother very good ideas, it lubricates my grand-mother.
  3. Lack of love.

    Infidelity is not only a matter of sex , it is also due to the affective deficit. Give her a kiss every day when you get home, eat her pussy, listen to her, swallow her, give her a massage … but above all: talk to him or her and always keep your self-esteem high.

  4. The adventures are fun.

    If you meet point 3 on this list, surely an adventure will give you a rush of adrenaline. I do not swallow the theory of the half orange, and see that I am swallowing everything. There are times you have a momentary connection with someone and you do not want to let it go. In the end, you will surely discover that the stability that a couple gives you is much better than feeling like a fifteen year old again. But look, the dust you’ve already thrown out.

  5. Revenge

    We come to the worst cause of infidelity: rage. Please, before creating more problem, leave it for a while. If your partner has cheated on you, time will avenge you, says Karma. Jesus also says it: if they give you a slap in the ass, put the other cheek, who knows, maybe that’s how a good spanking session begins.

    Gandhi also says it: eye for eye and we’ll end up all sodomized.
  6. feeling love for your boyfriend/girlfriend

    Remember one thing: love is not the same as falling in love , it is normal for the romantic and sexual intensity of the first years to diminish. But if your partner does not care anymore, if you no longer feel love towards her, you will end up looking for something outside. Even if you do not want it, you should talk before starting an open relationship unilaterally.

Wow! What pleasure it was to write this post. I wanted to sell you a quilted quilt . In the next post I will talk about guards, I promise .

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