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The most open-minded countries to have a trip this summer

  • – Have you already decided where you will go on vacation this summer?
  • – No fucking idea. Do you have an idea?
  • – Let’s see … You are more attracted by sea or mountain? Of handbag or of backpacking? From cold or warm countries?
  • – Bro,I am only attracted by sex.

Seriously, I do not care to go to a Caribbean beach or to climb the Everest, what I want is succumb to the vice and luxure. That’s why, whenever I travel, I take a look at the obscenity index of each country. I do not care about the coin, the mosquitoes or how far it is, if apart from a vaccine they also stuck my dick, I am already happy.

That’s why, as a philanthropist, I want to share with you the research that, as I have done so many times . So if you have not yet chosen a destination for your vacation, you’re lucky, In this countries you will fuck for sure .

  1. Japon
    Follar en Japón
    If you are Andalusian, you will be used to seeing processions with virgins while eating French toast. Well, if you were Japanese, you would be used to see processions with giant cocks while you eat phallic lollipops.

    Japan can boast of being the most technological country in the world, but also of being number one in buying and selling used panties. Although in Spain there are beaches with or without nudism, in Japan there are cafeterias with or without panties . There are also clubs with bonuses for oral sex sessions at a better price than the T-10. Visit the country of the rising sun, birthplace of Body Sushi and the dolls .
  2. Cuba
    Follar en Cuba
    On the other side of the globe is Cuba, a country where is coming all the rum you drink . Unlike Japan, here you want to fuck everyone (sorry Japan – ご め ん な 日本) and everyone will want to fuck you. Yes, bicuriousness is the order of the day in Cuba. When a Cuban swells his balls (sperm) he has to empty them immediately, no matter where. If you’re lucky enough to be around, maybe it’s your turn.

    One tip: sign up for salsa classes before you go, an arrhythmic European is funny, but he does not get horny, and that’s why salsa was invented, Right?
  3. Spain
    Follar en España
    If you want a good dose of liberalism, stay in Spain, specifically in Barcelona, ​​the capital of open minds and open legs : a city with more liberal clubs and brothels that churches, a city with two nudist beaches in the center, a city where, until recently, you could walk naked in the streets. She has power!

    Sit at a table with several locals and you’ll see that no topic is taboo: polyamory, open relationships, threesomes, bisexuality … 80% of my friends here are bisexual! if you want I present them to you .
  4. Netherland
    One of the first countries to regularize prostitution, sex and weed around the world . Do not miss the Van Gogh museum. No, that’s a joke! I already know that you are not interested by culture, the post I did about literature Erotic had fewer visits than the Wikipedia page of Geno de OT.

    What you should not miss, dear putero, is the Red Light District of Amsterdam, there are young ladies, gentlemen and transsexuals to stop a train. But above all: do not forget to buy tulip seeds for your wife .
  5. Brasil
    Follar en Brasil
    The cult of the body in Brazil is almost as strong as his desire to fuck. Add to that,there is a lot of miscegenation, which in my experience makes people more beautiful. So we can say it’s the most sexual country per square meter in the world .

    The only bad thing is that gym bodies rarely they relate beyond the words to the barbell bodies. So you know, join the gym or visit twice a week for Apricots . The calories burned will be the same, you can choose !
  6. Switzerland
    Follar en Suiza
    Switzerland, in addition to a tax haven, is also a sexual paradise. After depositing money in opaque accounts, went to even more opaque rooms to deposit their liquidity . Then he went to the Café Fellatio to take a cup and blowjob at very reasonable price of 60 Swiss francs.

    And if he still had time and milk, he had a thousand more places to choose from the wide range of services that we offers the wonderful alpine sex industry.
  7. France
    Follar en Francia
    If you think of the word “liberal” you think of France. The prohibition of the porn in Spain and the consequent men escapes to the north helped to create this image of the liberal french, nothing wrong, by the way.

    Come to the Pigalle neighborhood of Paris to know the biggest sexual offer of Gaul: movie theaters X, sex shops, brothels, strip clubs, and of course the Moulin Rouge … Although I’m sorry, it’s not what it used to be, it’s lost its sordidness. Damn gentrification that kicks whores out of their neighborhoods!
  8. Germany
    Follar en Alemania
    The Germans may seem very dry, but I assure you that inside they are very wet. In this country, prostitution is legal and well-known are the clubs of orgies and dark rooms in Berlin.

    Germany is an ideal sexual destination for people with paraphilias. In Berlin you can find an infinity of clubs for masochists, leather discotheques, cruising bars … There is even a club in which the bathrooms are a grid on the floor that overlooks a lower floor, where the lovers of the piss are located .

After this list, you will think that in Europe we are perverts. But … did you know that the rest of the world thinks that about us? There must be a reason. Let’s thank God to gave us this gift. Well, better do not say anything to God, he could punish us with a new mutation of gonorrhea. Shut up! That already exists!

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