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These are the most searched questions about sex in Google during 2017

This week I read in a newspaper a story that revealed the number of attempts that, from the Internet network of the Palace of Westminster (the British Parliament), had occurred to access porn pages between the months of June and October 2017. Nothing, there were only 24,473 attempts in four months to watch porn. This “only” represents about 160 requests a day on average from all types of devices.

Thankfully, in the Congress of Deputies of Spain only play the Candy Crush, although I would like to have access to the pages through which the deputies browse, have you seen any of the posts I post on Apricots? If you are a deputy and read this message, I invite you to leave a comment at the end of this article.

This news gave me an idea for my thesis, yes, I am still looking for a topic to develop but I do not have time, I am a very busy girl. I remembered that at the end of the year Google, a god for many people, makes a list of the most searched topics on the Internet. And I’ve asked myself, what is the most sought after related to sex on the net? Surely you feel the same curiosity as me.

After doing a little research, analyzing the results that Google offered me and losing me on some pages for adults whose content was highly suggestive, I made a list of the questions about sex that users searched the most during 2017.

1.Where is the G Point ?

I still remember when I was younger and I secretly watched the program Dos rombos by Lorena Berdún. What a well of wisdom. I found my point G watching one of his programs, I feel chills just by remembering it.

2. How to make a girl cum?

This point I can not explain now because it deserves a full article but I invite you to come and see me and I’ll show you. It is what practice has, you will learn while you truly enjoy. And by the way, I show you how to place your fingers to find the G-spot and what is the best position to stimulate it with your penis.

3.Can herpes be cured?

Do not search Google, go see the doctor.

4. How to eliminate genital warts?

Same as point 3, how much damage Google is doing to medicine.

5. What is gonorrhea?

I said, the last 3 questions I leave to the doctors, they are experts in health, I am more expert in giving pleasure.

6. How to get a bigger penis manually?

This question is very easy to answer, let me touch it with my hand or your mouth, you will see how it grows. Sometimes, even just looking at it. It seems magic, right?

7. How to measure the penis?

In The Definitive Guide to Cock Types, you will find a downloadable document, the definitive dick meter. Like a penis ring, right?

8. How old do you have to buy condoms?

Mmmm … I think there is no minimum age to buy condoms, you just have to overcome the embarrassment. I remember one day I went into a pharmacy and a guy was going to ask for some condoms and when he saw me, I ended up asking for some cough drops. Since he was very attractive, I told him to wait for me and I bought them for him. We have to take advantage of any opportunity that life offers us;)

I only wanted to add that when I was younger, my mother bought them, going to buy condoms made me very embarrassed. Yes, in my appointments I brought them, since many guys I was with them left at home, I do not know if they did not want to use them, or else, because of an oversight. And it’s still happening! Remember that if you go to Apricots and do not bring condoms, nothing happens, the girls will give them to you. I leave it only as a note in case you do not want your wife to discover that you buy condoms.

9. How to introduce a male organ into a female organ?

What kind of question is this? Is not it easier to look for how to insert a penis into a vagina? Here I will leave only one recommendation, the girl must be well aroused and “you” must help her with good preliminaries. If you behave, I’ll prepare a post on how to penetrate woman. How about?

10. How long does sex last?

It depends on your pocket. But in Apricots,happiness comes out very well of price….

As you can see, sex is something natural and generates a lot of interest. In Spain, when there are more searches about sex is in summer. It shows that I am hooked to the Internet, I take for research and, sometimes, download tensions. Well, surely like you and hundreds of other people.

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