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The most curious and used excuses by infidel people

Hello, sweethearts! A few days ago I shared with all of you a manual to be the perfect infidel and not be discovered. Have you put it into practice? Did it work?

I have a friend who came to see me all excited and told me that he had registered in a gym as an alibi to be able to visit me more often. I was so excited that … you can imagine how the thing ended.

Instead, I have a cousin who is not very interested with the new technologies and was leaving the trail through whatsapp (as we said, now they can follow your steps in real time, a lot of caution) but it was a false alarm. My cousin just came to pick up my father with the car. If you do not want to be discovered, I recommend that you go to Telegram, it is much safer. Oh! Did you know that Apricots has a channel in this very discreet IM service? Shhhht! It’s a secret between you and me.

After the advice I gave you, to not being discovered, let me give you the excuses or alibis that work best to leave the house and go to fuck.

This is a list of excuses that I have been collecting of all the people that I have fucked and the ones that the girls who offer their services in Apricots.

have told me.

The congresses

They are another of the best excuses we can use. In Barcelona there are several conferences and workshop almost every day, you can always “go” to one of them. The topic is the least, the issue is to learn and in Apricots we will teach you what is needed.

The friends

You meet friends in a bar to have a drink and they didn’t come what do you do? Do you go home? ERROR! Do you go out and have some pleasure and go home saying you’ve had a great time at the bar? SUCCESS. It has stayed to me like the announcement of the TV. I get hooked on such bad ads, that bad ones are you’re recorded.

I have to stay late at the office

Who has not stayed working in the office until late? From time to time you can “stay in the office working hard”, but do not do it very often, to see if some day they wait for you at the door of work to surprise you and you will not be present. I have to admit that it happened to me once and it was not very funny, really!

Take a classroom course

As you can see in our guide to be a master of infidelity, one of the excuses from which you can get “a lot of juice”, never better said, is learning. As my father used to say, knowledge does not take place.

Go shopping

I do not know how much you can take to go shopping, but if I go alone I can spend the whole day, and because they close the stores that if not … Maybe this excuse helps you to spend more than once a day for one of our local. Pity that Christmas has already passed, but remember, now the sales are approaching.

Go to the gym

We have already mentioned it at the beginning, the gym is a Top excuse, it is within the traditional ones. If you use this excuse, please, apart from moving your pelvis, practice a bit of sport so that some improvement is noticed in your body. I particularly like that you come to Apricots to practice your favorite sport. These shoelaces are sure to get much better than those of the weights.

This manual is homegrown by Debora Melhos. I am not responsible for the consequences that may be caused to your family and environment. If you want to live strong and pleasurable emotions, use it with caution and keep it under lock and key.

Being unfaithful is not easy. It looks like it but it is not. If one day they discover you, nothing happens; As a close friend said, we are all human and with the truth we will reach everywhere. Be noble and confess the truth, who knows if your partner has been unfaithful. Maybe she has also read our manual.

P. S.: Throughout the year we have been offering suggestions in the press, so you can come see us without creating problems. We just remind you some …

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