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Tips and postures to have the best sex in the shower

This week I’ve had sex in the shower and it’s not like they paint it in the movies. And do not tell me yes it is because I do not believe you. It does not happen to you that, when you see according to which scene in a movie, you get super horny and start to fantasize? That is exactly what happened to me.

Last weekend we met in a rural house with a group of friends and, as it did not stop raining all weekend, we did a ninety-ninth film marathon. I liked all the movies, but the one that struck me the most was “The Specialist” by Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone, specifically the scene where they both fuck in the shower. I’ve had sex in many places, even on a pool table in a bar, but I still had not had the chance to do it in the shower. And I could not pass up the opportunity to do it.

Fortunately, within the group of friends with whom we spent the weekend was the person with who i had sex the last two months. Before going to bed, he always take a hot shower to relax and sleep better, and how I already knew his habits, I waited for the right moment to surprise him. In the end, you can already imagine what happened, or maybe not. The idea of ​​fucking in the shower is exciting and funny, but sometimes reality is not like fiction.

The shower is a good place to innovate in sex and get out of the routine, however, sometimes it can be dangerous, but if you try it, you will surely live an authentic adventure. For that reason I want to share with you all the situations that can happen to you when you fuck in the shower, and also, some tips so that you do not hurt yourself.

Situations that can occur when you fuck in the shower

Hold on tight

I do not have to tell you that the shower can be very dangerous, who has not slipped before? The statistics do not lie, in Spain there are 280 domestic accidents per hour and, of these, 27 fall by slippage. This does not mean that all are in the shower, but some will be.

In my first experience trying to fuck in the shower I slipped, but I have already taken all the necessary precautions in case there are future occasions: I bought a non-slip mat. In addition, I recommend installing a handle, these support bars will help you to hold while you fuck, they will even serve you to try new positions. I have installed a bar in my house that also serves to support my leg when I wax. But above all, remember: in sex, safety comes first.

Cold water

I do not know about you, But I like very hot water when I’m in the shower, if it comes out a little cold or warm, i start screaming, and not for pleasure. The water better leave it graduated before entering the shower, but you can already imagine the scene: “Honey, a little hotter, now a little cooler.” This situation will lowers your libido. That is why it is very important to graduate the water before entering the shower.

Water jet in the face

Unless you have a super large shower head, you will not fit both under the spray. Surely one will suffer the jet in the face more than the other. How nice it looks in the movies, but in the reality my hair came in my face, and the water entered my mouth. I tried to make a blowjob but with the water jet seemed to drown me. A real drama!

Little or a lot of space

Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a jacuzzi in their house, the vast majority of people have small showers or bathtubs. A friend told me that on one occasion they were rolled up with the curtain of the shower, and a friend, who after so much clinging to the curtains, dropped the bar on her head. Surely you have ever brushed a tile with your ass when entering or leaving a shower. If not, try it, you will see what it feels like.

Use soap

The soap can help you with the preliminaries, your hands sliding all over the body performing some sensual massages, but be careful not to get in your eyes, I do not have to tell you that soap stings a lot, right?

Little lubrication

When it comes to having sex in the shower it is important to use a silicone-based lubricant to aid during the penetration. Remember that water eliminates the lubrication that your body produces naturally, and you can do a little damage without wanting to. This I learned in my first sexual experience in a pool.

Better postures to practice sex in the shower

Don’t make mistakes while having sex in the shower or bathtub is not comfortable, but we have to admit that it has its morbid. But so that when we fuck in the shower we can enjoy and have orgasms as God intended, I share what I think are the best positions to practice sex in the shower.

sex in the shower
The integral search
You both look at the same side, the girl in front and the boy behind, where you put it is already a matter of taste. This position is an ideal for both vaginal and anal sex. The person who is being penetrated can stand with their hands against the wall of the shower to have a point of support or in the handle that we have already mentioned. The person who performs the penetration is recommended not to get excited and hold your partner strong because if one slips, the other will go behind. I can assure you.
The magic jet
. This position is perfect for men who have an optimistic dick, those who look up. The two of you stand face to face, the girl raises one of his legs while he holds her with his arm and introduces his penis, and she, if she wants, can pick up the shower and direct the stream towards her clitoris. You will not have a jet above your head, but I’m sure you will enjoy.
Brave back
The same name indicates it, only for the bravest and those who have a more or less wide shower. It is the posture of the film “The specialist”, the one that is more courageous of the two will lie down on the cold ground. In the case that the boy is on the ground, the girl will ride him, and if it is the girl who is lying on the ground, he will be like the missionary but in the shower.
Riding under the rain
Maybe it is one of the most comfortable positions. The person who will penetrate your partner sits on a stool and the penetrated person can sit face down or on his back and ready to ride. I tried it and I felt like a real cowgirl riding on a rainy day. And if you also fuck with background soundtrack, the pleasure is maximum.
Mutual masturbation
If the practice of sex with penetration in the shower is not yours, either by difficulty or by laziness, you can always play to masturbate each other, you will also end up enjoying. Just to mention that my friends, the Apricots love to shower with you while you massage her. Is there a better feeling than massaging boobs with soap?

The best sex in the shower is the quickie, a more intense and passionate experience, in this way you will avoid ailments in the muscles that have made the effort, and you will leave you more satisfied.

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