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How well you know about Foot Fetish?

How much do you know about foot fetish? Personally not that much, but I imagine that if a foot fetishist had to meet Bigfoot he will directly fall in love. Since ignorance is not good, I decided that the best thing to do was to ask someone who really knew about this topic. And who better than Arola Poch and Sergio Martín, the two eminences of the foot fetish that in the Erotic Salon of Barcelona Apricots organized the Foot Fetish Corner? Notice that in that space, during the days of the show, the Guinness record of multi trampling was reached, that is, 17 people climbed simultaneously on a single person causing a crushing pleasure. We wanted to see everything because, on the one hand we love foot fetishists (and used panties) and, on the other hand, because is a vice, eroticism and desire to talk about sex naturally, we can not miss it.

Sergio, can you define the fetishism of feet with 5 adjectives and explain to me the reason for each one?

The fetipie is a person who surprises because of his taste, deviated from the limiting coitocentric sexuality that society makes us. As Arola Poch says, it is the sex retailer, because it focuses on that detail that is the foot within the person to, in an imaginative and personal way, generously devote to give pleasure to those feet.

In Arola’s blog I read that foot fetishism is one of the most common in men. Does this mean that it is not a common practice among women? If not, why do you think that is the case? In its origin for this taste there are two types of fetishists. On the one hand we are attracted to the feet from very young age, long before practicing this fetish. In this group there are many men and it is very rare to find women. The other group would be people who have tried these adult fetish games and loved them. In this group there are many women, almost all of whom have been curious about our Foot Fetish Corner of the Erotic Salon of Barcelona, ​​have enjoyed so much of having a fetishist at their feet, that they have been hooked on this.

Is foot fetishism always related to submission? It is obvious that the image of a person kneeling at the feet of another evokes a relationship of domination/submission. In many cases the fetipie in turn enjoys the games of submission. But this is not always the case, there are fetishists who are not attracted to these RPGs and simply enjoy this part of the body on equal terms with their game partner.

Do not feel pain with the trampling? Or is it exactly pain that causes pleasure? When you step on heels, you do feel pain. Those who like this form of trampling do tend to be quite masochistic. When a woman weighs less than you step on her bare feet, the pleasure of the tramplist is usually more related to the very situation of feeling under the plants of the person who is on you, to whom all the power is given.

Are there foot fetishists who prefer a little piggyback and careless? Most fetishists do not want feet fresh from the shower, but prefer them fresh from the shoe or boot, with a certain smell on foot and if they have a little dot of sweat, better than better. We like the feet, their smell and taste. There are some people who like to worship especially dirty feet, even black ones after having walked barefoot down the street.

From 1 to 10, how hard is it to do a footjob? What advice would you give to who wants to try it? Doing a good footjob or straw with your feet is not easy. I would give an 8 in difficulty. Apart from having leg abductors in shape, as advice to who wants to masturbate with his feet I would tell him to use lubricant and start gently until the owner of the penis asks otherwise.

There are fetishes of used panties, in fact on the internet there are many portals where they sell them, there are even channels and profiles on social networks dedicated to the fetishists of used panties and feet. Are there any portals for foot fetishists that sell used socks? Yes, there are fetishists who buy socks, stockings, heels, sports shoes, ballet shoes and more they are worn and sweat better is. I do not know if there are specific portals that dedicate themselves to it. But I do know that “muses of the feet” like Arola Poch, are continually receiving offers for their used footwear.

Can a foot fetishist enter a shoe store without a thousand? And in a vintage, can you step on the grapes without throwing the cane to all the people present? Many foot fetishists are not footwear, so they could leave without problems of these stores, unless that they enter to work of testers. On the tread of the grape, every year at the end of summer disappear forever foot fetishists in La Rioja. The owners of the wineries silence these accidents so that they do not know all the causes that make their wines so exquisite.

Now you know what the champagne tastes so much, so this Christmas, besides offering for the good intentions that you will never carry out, do it especially in honor of the foot fetishists!

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