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What I am gonna to tell, is the worst dust of my life. I have called it that way, not because the kid was a poor fitter or premature ejaculator, no, the reasons are others.

Fucking in the car is very good, especially if you still live with your parents and they do not like the idea of ​​having the daughter throwing herself in the living room. They are very traditional, I know.

So I was in the car with this guy in a remote place, so far away that before I went I had to get vaccinated. We had brought Indian food to eat watching the stars, sitting on the top of the car as in the worst American movies. We ate, drank and laughed a lot, until we started to real game. The eagerness was so strong that we ended up on the floor, rolling around like pigs in shit. And, indeed, we were scrubbing in a gigantic cow shit that, because of the darkness, we had not seen.

This is a true story and it is the story of the worst sex that I had and that I will never get out of my head. I know I’m not the only one to have unforgettable sexual experiences … because one thing is what we tell our friends, and another is the truth. So we invite you to participate in our contest Those Wonderful Powders and tell us what, for whatever reason, you can not forget. Whether it’s weird, comical, dramatic, curious, endearing, bizarre or horrible, it does not matter, our sex experts will answer everyone saying what they would have done to make it wonderful.

And what do you earn? The most voted experience by the users will be a double entry for the Erotic Salon of Barcelona Apricots and 4 drinks. We will also award two more double entries to the two most original or painful experiences.

We don’t believe in love at first sight but we fuck on the first date. We want to be your brand of brothels.
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