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How wonderful is to fuck!

Tonight I dreamed that I had the perfect fuck ever, I have enjoyed as never before, I woke up wet up to my ankles. Girls, have you ever been wet? What a feeling, right? You already know that yes, or at least that’s what you told me.

When I was in the kitchen preparing the coffee, I still had that trembling and tingling sensation running all over my body, I could not stop thinking about how I had enjoyed my dreams and all the postures I had practiced. Suddenly a question has arisen, is there perfect fuck?

I had my parents sitting next to me, and they love sex, I could not resist and I asked them if they made the perfect sex?

You know when someone laughs at you, well that’s it. My parents, who are experts in sex, or at least that is what they are proclaiming, they have told me “the truth”, that everything we see in the movies is not real.

My father’s advice to have a perfect powder

My father has a doctorate in powders, I do not know if magical or not, but he knows for a while. I think he did his PhD in Apricots, that’s why I’m here as a student, I want to follow in his footsteps and be the best like him.

Before starting, gather your hair
The loose hair is very wild but beware of carrying it loose because you can “suffocate” your partner. Do not tell me that it has never happened to you, you are going to kiss your partner who is lying on the bed and before touching her lips she has the whole bush in her mouth. Better loose hair when you can dance in the wind but, not during sex.

In bed we have to laugh and have fun
Experimenting is basic but, we should not get complicated with very strange postures because otherwise it may seem that we end up playing Twistter instead of trying to get pleasure. More than once you will hit the heads or you will not know where to put the leg.

Do not be selfish
In bed both of you have to give and receive. It’s not good to stretch and say, I’m tired, come on, give it to her. Now a Coelho style phrase came to me but I better keep it because it will slow down our libido.

Positions suited to our possibilities
Not everyone can practice the same sexual postures, depending on the type of body, weight, strength … there are more comfortable positions than others. Not all men can raise a girl and make her jump in his arms, has not it ever happened to you that while they held you, both of you have fallen to the ground? Well, to me yes. And we go back to what we have said, sense of humor and you can also invite the boy to go to the gym with you maybe after that he can be able to hold you.

Hold on tight if you decide to fuck in the water
Love in the water is not like in the movies, fucking in the shower or in a jacuzzi is a little different than in our imagination. Who has not suffered a slip or fall in the shower…It seems that it is only me who has this kind of situation. Put bars to hold strong. Another tip, have a water resistant lubricant handy, if not, you can do a little damage and I do not say it from experience. They told it to me and that always happens to the relatives of my friends.

Find new pleasure or sexual practice
Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray know what I’m talking about. Pleasure has no limits, we can achieve it in a thousand different ways, even in the most unexpected way. Who would say that I love doing trios or that I massage and lick my feet. What is your favorite sexual fetish?

Use sex toys
Do not let the monotony invade you, there are hundreds of toys and options to get sexual pleasure. Not long ago I practiced a very interesting trio with a boy and a lumidoll, a curious practice but very pleasant experience. If you do not try new things you will not know if you like them. Do you want to know how is sex with a lumidoll? You’ll have to come to Apricots to try it.

Accept criticism
You’re not the best fucking, accept it. Well, maybe yes, but you have to come and prove it to me. How many times I had bad fucks, do more … to enjoy in bed, communication and having an open disposition is basic, but, how will you know in what hole I want it? You know what I’m talking about, right?

I do not know if with these tips you will achieve the perfect powder, but surely you will not slip in the shower, which is already a lot. I’m going to continue having breakfast that I already imagined doing a trio, and enjoying it.

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