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All about anal sex

Anal sex is for many people something unknown and little practiced, but if it is done well it can be very pleasant and fun for both of you.

In Apricots not all women offer anal sex service. So if you want to try to penetrate an ass, you must choose those that do it, above all, carry out the advice we give you below!

Tips for anal sex

One of the best tips we can give you for anal sex is that you use anal lubricant. The anus does not lubricate naturally so the lubricant will facilitate the friction, avoid irritation and make you enjoy the penetration very much.

When it’s time to lubricate, it’s better if your hands are clean! Then you should smear the fingers with lubricant and you will be able to insert them into the ass in a smooth way.

The hole should be gradually dilated, so we advise you to introduce a finger first and increase the size little by little.

The most important advice? Always use condoms!

Postures and sex toys for anal sex

Many of the postures we perform when doing conventional sex can also be used to practice anal sex. For example: the spoon, the puppy, the swing, the frog and finally, the cavalcade.

There are also several specific sex toys to give pleasure from behind. The best? Undoubtedly anal plugs, anal balls and anal dildos.

An experience that you will surely love!

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