¿Son los hombres más felices que las mujeres?
No seas egoísta, compárteme con tus amigos

Are men happier than women are?

Tonight, while I was having dinner with my friends, I received a whatsapp of these that are sent in groups of friends in which a woman explained why men are so happy. You can already imagine the debate that has been mounted around the table: that a man can eat a banana in a public and nothing happens, that the gray hair makes them more attractive, and the only part they have to shave is their face or not.

Apart from laughing for a while, the more feverish mind of the table (in case someone does not know, is the person who is sexually aroused more easily) has come up with an idea, get up from the table and find the uncles more Good friends of the restaurant to make a debate with another point of view. Well … and what comes up!

Once the prisoners are found, sorry, the good guys, we asked them, do you really believe that men are happier than women? Needless to say that they have been subjugate, not by the question, but by our sexy dress. The ladies have to be well groomed, you never know when you will find an opportunity to fuck, here the things are clear. Who goes out partying one day at night with no intention of flirting or fucking? Even the married, are in the same situation, that’s why they have three drinks, so they have some excuse if they are infidel that if it was alcohol, if I did not want … Oh, I think my friend is not the only one who has a feverish mind.

After chatting with these nice guys, I ended up getting into their bed, yes, I could not resist.

Do not be mortified if one day you go out and do these things; We are mortified by women. We have the right to do the same as men, enjoy life and our body. According to a study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), women are more likely to feel happier than men but we experience more anxiety attacks. This is one of the reasons why I am in Apricots, I have a good time and I get rid of my anxiety continuously, you can imagine how I do it.

It does not look like it, but men are happy looking at themselves in the mirror. Above all they enjoy doing postures, and let’s not say if they are naked, what man has not done the helicopter at some time? If you do not know what the helicopter is, honey, you’ll have to search it on Google.

On the other hand, for us to look in the mirror is torture, we look old, we find wrinkles, in general we see all the imperfections. But that’s good, as Marilyn said, “imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”.

Many times women believe that men are happier because they have a more relaxed life, almost everyone thinks they are good in bed. On the other hand, women think at all times if we are doing well, if we give them enough pleasure. How I like to meet gentlemen that make me enjoy and scream in style.

Some of the statements we read in the whatsapp message of why men are happier than women have made me think a lot, for example, it is true that new shoes do not destroy their feet, of course, they do not wear heels. Can you imagine men with heels? Surely they can not bear even half of us. But you know we do not wear heels to be taller, we wear them because we think of you, because we want to give you pleasure, yes pleasure. We want you to look at our ankles, we want to trigger a process of sexual sensations pleasant and stimulating just by looking at our feet, that you want us. In the end, those who win are us because you caress us, suck, tickle, lick and kiss our feet. It’s a win-win in every rule, we all win.

Another statement that left me speechless is that they spend only € 5 on a pack of 3 underpants. We wear panties and sexy outfits that cost well over € 5 to get a thousand! Guys, a little please, as the actor said. We also like that you wear tight underpants that mark you well what you have to mark, but especially that they have no holes. Yes, I have slept with guys who have pierced slips, you do not know how low it is. Well, I said, some clean and sexy underpants so that you put us a thousand.

As I said at the beginning, there is a statement that does bother me, why women can not eat a banana in a public place? We all know that a banana has a phallic form, it is true, with it we can practice sexo oral, but there are more foods with this same form or similar. So, do women have to hide to eat food with a specific shape? If I have a Calippo or a cucumber in my hand, will people look at me badly? Will you look at me with a vice face? Honestly, I do not care. I like to provoke. Whether it is when I eat them, I’ll look at you with a vicious face, which is what I am. And besides, I do not have to hide from anything, I do what I want and when I want to. And I will also do it in public.

Well babies, but if it is just a whatsapp with some phrases and humor, do not need to take it badly although it has made us reflect a bit, we have to look at it from the positive side. Thanks to this messenger I was able to get close to a good-looking guy’s table where in the end I got some good underpants, they touched and caressed my feet, and I ate a good banana, yes, in private. And then they say that men are happier than women.

Before leaving you, I want to share a reflection, we can get excited on the street in front of a man without being noticed and without embarrassment.

And what about your opinion? What advantages do you think men have that women do not have and vice versa?

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