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Can Alimentaria help you to improve the taste of your semen?

Today I woke up with a lot of energy then i decided to go to Alimentaria!

I want to see if indeed it is as big and with the same projection as the MWC, as stated by its organizers, since having joined in this edition with Hostelco, Barcelona hosts this week the most important fair in the world of food, gastronomy and restoration.

Besides being curious, I am very foodie and I love Alimentaria because in addition to discovering the culinary trends for the next years, I can taste all kinds of food, sauces and snacks but especially have a few glasses of wine and champagne. And with this new fair project, I am sure that this year will be better than the previous ones, especially for this new experiential gastronomic space promoted as a sensory and participatory revolution, where master workshops and multiple showcookings are held.

I can imagine, like Jordi Cruz, Paco Roncero and Nandu Jubany cooking for me alone. I feel blessed!

But I miss that in Alimentaria do not cook with natural ingredients such as semen or vaginal discharge, which are nutritious and have many benefits for the body. I will have to contact the organizers so that in the next edition they can create a new space for more exotic or stimulating cuisine, where they could invite Chef Paul “Fotie” Photenhauer, who already has two recipe books where the main ingredient It’s Semen, Natural Harvest and Semenology.

Once they have run in my mouth and I have swallowed the semen and i thought that the taste could be improved, that is why I have informed myself of what I can recommend to my lovers so that their semen has a better flavor.

And as I know that one of your sexual fantasies is a blowjob and cum in a woman’s mouth, so you can do it with calm, satisfy them and leave them a good taste in your mouth. Then I decided to give you some tips.


After reviewing many studies and also doing some tasting, I am in a position to confirm which are the foods that help improve the taste and quality of semen. As many professionals affirm, among them sexologists, urologists, nutritionists and also prostitutes, the semen of a man is what he eats and this is true.

Surely you already know that the seminal liquid is slightly salty and hot, but to understand why there are foods that improve and others that contaminate the flavor of your semen, you should know that the seminal fluid is composed of 96% water, 1% of sperm and the rest of various nutrients; that is why the more water you drink or contain the food you eat, the easier it will be to absorb it and the more it will help the taste of the semen to become sweeter.

Natural fruits

Especially blueberries, plums, nectarines, oranges, papaya, lime, lemon and pineapple, as well as being rich and give a lot of juice, they contain many nutrients and diuretic properties.

The spices

Nothing like a good dressing to improve the flavor of the jelly, flavor your meals with cardamom or cinnamon and you will see how it tastes better 😉

The parsley, coriander and mint will give a refreshing touch that no one can resist.

Green Tea

There are so many benefits of green tea that I would not know where to start, that’s why Orientals take it … Look at it as well as antioxidant, digestive and diuretic, it will also improve the flavor of your milk.

To consider

The metallic taste of the semen is due to its zinc content. Diabetics have a sweeter semen, with a bouquet of honey or melon, because their bodies are getting rid of excess sugar in them. If you do not want to alter your partner’s diet, you can always find a better one.


The caffeine

We all need a little caffeine to start the morning, me personally i can’t start a good day without my shower and my coffee, if not , i am a zombie like those of Walking Dead. But for your semen does not have a bitter taste, it would be advisable to avoid large amounts of caffeine.


How many times have we heard or seen written the expression: “Smoking kills”. Surely if they replaced by: “if you do not smoke, we eat more”, would be more successful. We will propose it to the Ministry of Health to see what you think about this campaign. Smoking apart from influencing the taste of your semen, also influences your breath. Remember, we love fresh mouth rinse breath.

The alcohol

The ideal would be to have a fruit cocktail without alcohol, such as the Virgin Mary or the Virgin Piña colada, although the name is not very suitable for us.

Chicken and red meat

I understand that the semen of vegetarians and vegans tastes better than those who eat meat, probably due to their high consumption of fruits and vegetables. It is said that carnivores have it a bit more salty. You know, a week without red meat and eat some poultry.

Some vegetables

A lot of people do not like broccoli, cauliflower, onions or Brussels sprouts or even if they eat them they do not like their smell, maybe it is common sense, since they are vegetables that alter the flavor in negative way.

The egg

The egg contains a high level of putrefaction of bacteria, so that aroma will reach the semen.


Get fit

Everything that is good for the body is good for semen. If you exercise regularly, apart from the fact that you will be hot, you will be working to have better health.

Drink a lot of water

Hydration is essential to expel toxins from the body. Staying hydrated is very important to improve the flavor of your semen. Now I understand why we have to drink two liters of water a day.

Eat Healthy

It is believed that there are some foods that make semen taste better, such as pineapple that compensates for bitterness. It is also healthy and helps to sweeten your fluid to eat bananas, oranges and sweet juices. Changing the diet before sex can affect, positively, the taste of your semen. Remember that if it is good for your breath it is good for your juice of love.

Here my humble opinion about blowjobs, “we all” love to eat a good cock, as long as it is clean, indeed hygiene excites us a lot. Also, I think that many girls would swallow the cum of your cumshot but, the problem is that it throws back the flavor. With the suggestions that we have just listed, I am sure that your links will enjoy it. Although one of my classmates has another theory, it is the following: “The girl who will swallow your semen is either because she likes you very much or because you pay her, that simple”. I have some friends that like when they run in their mouth, I’m sure you also know some.

Do not believe that now your semen will know sweet as the candy and the cakes, I see you, “this week I will eat chocolate cake, cherry and cream to give Black Forest runs“. With the advice we have given you, they can serve as a guide and help, but it is not an exact science.

The positive part is that the sperm is cheap to produce and you find it easily, surely you locate a fast producer for your recipes. I’m going to put these tips into practice to see if my vaginal discharge knows better, for now, those who have kissed my lips, the inferior ones, have not had a complaint.

Exhibitors and visitors to the Food Fair and Hostelco, if at the end of the day you want to go fucking around Barcelona, ​​I leave you some advice that my father listed for maximum enjoyment and safely. And remember, if you like to run around in the mouth of a companion girl, take care of the flavor of your semen, they will thank you, you will see.

She loves the taste of your cum
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