Sexo anal con lubricantes caseros
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5 tricks for good anal sex with improvised lubricants

Many times the anal sex is not planned and when it comes up you have to have your mind agile. We teach you to improvise so as not to lose that fantastic opportunity. Whatever your situation, never try to have anal sex in dry because you can have a bad memory.

1. With olive oil you will prepare the best anal salad

It is the natural lubricant with excellence of all life. So, if it gives you a squeeze in a restaurant, while you have dinner with your girl and she says:

Honey, see you in the bathroom, I want sex.

Do not forget to take the oil bottle with you, you will not regret it. You will not have any type of allergy and remember to throw very little, since it is super lubricant. Your girl will hallucinate and your sex will rise to another level.

2. Nivea and a lot of love

Who has not returned from the beach, red as a shrimp, and his wife told him?:

Come here, I’ll put aftersun.

That is the key moment in which you have to act. Warm by the sun and after a good dose of caresses, it will be time to put your hand in the NIVEA boat and take it straight to the ass. Recommendation: Do not stop kissing her while you do it, her reaction will be much more desirable. Then, with the same hand, prick your cock well, turn it around and with love, enjoy the moment.

3. Why do you think it’s said that the best natural yogurt is Greek?

Yes, you read well, natural yogurt, hallucinate when you use it for your sexual relations. Being cold from the fridge, it will cause a brutal sensation in the anus or in the pussy, since it can be used for both anal and vaginal sex, and is 100% reliable. Recommendation: Avoid yogurts with piece of fruits, please.

4. White egg for the day when the fridge is empty.

Lose the fear of trying new things. Going to a sex shop and choosing a coconut-based lubricant is out of fashion. Do you have doubts about the egg to do anal sex? We invite you to do an exercise: When you are in your kitchen, take a deep dish and an egg, peel it, make the egg white and make sure there is no peel; close your eyes, put both hands on the plate and start imagining in that ass that you have always wanted to fuck with this texture that you are playing with. If after this exercise, you do not have an erection of those who make history, it is that you have been carried away by the situation and have also added salt and pepper.

5. What will you do if you can not find anything by hand? Saliva saves your life.

And of course, we come to the most natural, hypoallergenic and morbid of all improvised lubricants, saliva! When you are in full sexual lust and suddenly your partner says: – Get me from behind. It will be great to see how your cock spits. Even if the person in front of you is used to anal sex, never go fast, always to the rhythm of it. She will feel more comfortable and will give you everything. Recommendation: At the beginning you have to soak everything very well, as the saliva dries up and can disturb a bit.

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