Dildos imprescindibles para mejorar el sexo
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The 5 essential dildos that will stimulate you

In the Victorian era there was a disease called “female hysteria”, which diagnosed every woman with symptoms such as insomnia, fluid retention, irritability, headaches, loss of appetite and, as if it were not enough, the “tendency to cause problems”.

At that time, female hysteria was cured with a pelvic massage, what we nowadays know as “making a finger”. Considering the repressed sexual desire of women as an illness, it was the doctor who was responsible for bringing them to orgasm; at first with manual stimulation and then, after 1870, with a dildo.

Many things have changed since then. A study carried out on 3,800 women, between 18 and 68 years old, reveals that the dildo improves sexual function, in addition to promoting healthy behaviors. According to the same study, 83% used it to stimulate the clitoris and 64% used it inside their vagina. Today this small – or not so small – erotic toy is the best seller on the market, with sales of more than 1 million units per year.

We present a brief list of the dildos that you can find now in the market and how to use them:

– Vaginal penetration: is the most common way to use the dildo, either because it can be done alone or in company. The intensity of the penetration will depend on who uses it: if you are one of those who enjoy a strong and fast penetration, you will only have to select the maximum speed and give more with your hand. If, on the other hand, you prefer something softer and slower, choose a smaller dildo; do not take it to the maximum speed and decrease the rhythm of your hands. In both cases, do not forget to use lubricant.

– Anal penetration: Very similar to the previous one but with the difference that the entrance door is on the opposite side. In this case opt for a smooth and firm dildo, which the soft bumito does not like much and also complicate everything. The best for this type of use are those made of glass and, in this case too, lubrication is fundamental. If you are still a beginner in this, the first time can be annoying and even painful. If so, hold for about 30 seconds and you will see how the pleasure will not be long in coming.

– Strap-on: with this harness you will be the queens of penetration. Use it with him or her, either inside the vagina or the anus and all without hands! These types of harnesses can vary in color, size and shape but they all have something in common: the hole in which to insert the dildo. Try to penetrate your partner from behind and at the same time, massage the penis or clitoris.

– Double: is the most romantic of all the dildos because it allows you to look the person in the eyes while you are penetrating each other. It is not very easy to use, since it needs a lot of practice to be able to get the most out of it. Ideally, insert the shortest part into the vagina first and once inside, insert the other part (the longest) into the vagina of the other person. Once the two parts are in place, distribute the weight of the bodies well and little by little everything will start to be simpler and more morbid.

– Hot and cold: There are dildos that can be heated or cooled depending on the sensation you want to experience. The glass are very good for this use, as well as those of metal or stone. Of course, glass is a very delicate material, so if the intention is to stick the fuck of your life, leave the glass for the champagne glasses.

If you want to use the erotic toys with girls , do not deprive yourself. You don’t know how to introduce the subject? The best thing is to be clear and direct saying, for example: “Honey, I would like to make you enjoy more, what do you think if we use a dildo?”, Any girl will reject a proposal like this, be sure.

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