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How to make a good masturbation

This week I caught my brother stimulating himself with his hand, and jerking off. And the first thing that came to my mind was the scene of American Pie, which the protagonist is caught by his parents while masturbating with a sock and at the same moment watching a porn movie.

If a person wants to masturbate at home is essential to have their privacy, so I have a latch in my room, because I do not like to enter without knocking on the door and find me playing DJ, come on, while I do a finger . Well, it depends, if it’s my brother’s friend, I’d let it go.

Masturbation is good, nothing should happen if we are discovered playing with our own body for a while, experiencing is pleasant and fun, it also has a series of benefits for our body.

Benefits of masturbation:

  • ✅ Relieves accumulated stress.
  • ✅ Improves the mood.
  • ✅ Free sexual tension.
  • ✅ Helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  • ✅ Exercises the pelvic floor muscle to prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence.
  • ✅ Help you not run so fast while you fuck.
  • ✅ Increases the ability to have orgasms.

When you talk about the subject with some people, it seems that nobody touches their parts to give themselves pleasure. Damn, this topic should not be taboo. The statistics speak for themselves: 95% of men masturbate compared to 89% of women, and practically half do it everyday. These data do not go wrong with my daily habits. The statistics also detail that 41% of people have been discovered while masturbating, but women, specifically 22%, have done so intentionally. There are days that we like to be watched, is it true or not girls?

And after all, seeing this is not bad and nobody will be blind, rather the opposite, so that you have more orgasms and enjoy your free sexuality, I have created a list of how to get the best masturbation thanks to the techniques of my friends, and of course, my brother

As each one is different, I’m going to give you a series of tips so that you can masturbate like you’ve never done before, and if you’re a girl, so that you can make the wank of your life.

How to make a good masturbation to have explosive orgasms (Essential tips):

Adjust the environment

When it comes to masturbating is essential to be in a relaxed environment, you can get excited watching porn, through the imagination or in the company of someone.

Comfortable position

The position is also important, it is not the same to jerk off in the bathroom than lying on the bed or on the desk chair. The more comfortable you are, the more pleasant your orgasm will be.

Clean hands

Hygiene is very important. The hands should always be clean before starting the work, better to wash them with soap and water. Personally, the soap that I like most is the smell of lollipop. Remember, if you are accompanied and your cock gives off the smell of caramel, it is always point in favor to have a blowjob.

Take your time

The best straw is not to get a quick orgasm, but take the time to explore your body and discover new sensations.


So that your hand will slide much smoother on the cock giving more pleasure, the lubricant is the best option. Sometimes I have accidentally pulled my ligues and the face was not exactly for pleasure.


If you hold the penis firmly with your hand and keep it tight while moving your fist up and down you will get more pleasure and intensity to orgasm. If you press the penis and it is also lubricated, you can get sensations similar to penetration

Types of masturbation for men:

Single masturbation

When you are single:

“Sleeping hand”: A classic, this technique was learned by my brother through the film Krampack. This method consists of sitting a while on one of the two hands until it tingles and falls asleep, and once asleep, jerking off with that hand that supposedly gives you the sensation that someone else masturbates you since you do not feel it.

Chayanne: This type of straw consists of holding the limb and performing sexy movements moving the hips, increasing intensity and pushing at different rates. Simulate that you are penetrating someone. A little advice, the more lubricated you have the cock, the more you will enjoy it.

Sensual: As we have previously commented, masturbating while touching and caressing your whole body (nipples, buttocks, testicles, anus …) can produce sensations very pleasurable. You can rub, pinch, tighten or pull these parts of your body to intensify your orgasm.

Tutti frutti: According to my brother, this modality gives a lot of play and, sometimes, also a lot of juice. Have you tried to make a hole in a melon and introduce your cock? Or squeeze an orange with your penis? But if a form of jerking has left my brother astonished, this is masturbating with a banana skin. You introduce the penis into the shell and begin to perform the relevant movements. The soft and slippery part of the interior will help you while you will enjoy new sensations. Now you know where the name of exotic fruits comes from.

Toy: Did you know that there are also sex toys for men? There are different types of masturbators for you to enjoy introducing your cock inside and experience the same or similar sensation that you put inside a vagina, your mouth or ass.

Inventive: This mode is what your creativity comes into play. From putting it inside a yogurt, pierce a mattress and put it inside (better than not springs), to place it between a bent pillow simulating a penetration with its relevant movements.

Paradinha : This method has a number of benefits for your body, especially for learning to be a champion and hold on more in bed without running ahead of time . This method will help you prolong pleasure. It’s about starting to masturbate until you reach a certain level of excitement and then stop. Wait a couple of minutes and start again, repeat it several times but trying to reach a higher level of excitement each time. And when you can’t do it anymore, you’ll have a spectacular cumshot and orgasm.

Masturbation in couple

When you are in couple :

Stroking the testicles: One of the ways you can get more pleasure while another person masturbates is that you caress and press the testicles, and if you get that lick and suck, then you will enjoy it much more.

Anal: Another technique you can try is to introduce a finger or just the yolk in the culete while you are jerking (it is advisable to ask before introducing the finger inside). If you are not a fan of having a finger or toys inserted in your ass, you can always keep the caresses and pressure in the perineum.

Golden feet: Have you ever been masturbating with your feet? The feet should always be very clean, soft and without hardness, it is not necessary to say why, right? With the feet hydrated or lubricated one should caress the genitals and, later, start playing and masturbating the cock. You can also caress her and grab her with little fingers. The control will have it your companion, or you can control yourself with your hip movements.

Explosive: With your hands well lubricated, once you start moving them holding your penis you have it controlled and hypnotized. Go changing the speed and rhythm, if you can, from time to time caress the tip of the cock with your tongue but without sucking, the level of excitement will increase and surely asks you more but do not let it win, you keep jerking and looking him in the eyes. Make a paradinha, wait, and start again. Then, as you increase the pleasure, go pressing his penis little by little until it reaches its peak and runs. A tip to keep him more excited, it is important that he notices that you enjoy while you make him a handjob and that you make him a mischievous smile from time to time, which would be a porn actress look.

Explosive in the dark: It is the same technique as the previous one but covering your eyes so you do not see what you are doing. The degree of excitement will be much greater because imagination will come into play.

If you want to experience some of these techniques and your partner is not willing to perform them, you can always play alone or visit our apricots girls, who are ready to perform all your sexual fantasies.

One of the most fundamental aspects and that sometimes we do not give importance but has a lot, is where to cum when you masturbate. If you do not use a condom to masturbate, be careful to not leave traces. There are different methods so you can cum and pick up your milk quietly without leaving a trace, for example, on a napkin, on top of the toilet paper (better double or triple layer), on the sheets, on top of oneself or inside a sock. Did you know that Pornhub has a sock removes traces with faces of actresses and porn actors?

Masturbation does not always have to be the same. It can be very exciting and even exciting to try to masturbate in different ways than you normally do. And remember, there is no right or wrong way to masturbate . You have just to take your time, explore your body and run away as many times as you want.

Masturbation should become a daily routine, just like washing your hands or teeth.

Have you ever been caught while you were doing a handjob? What is your favorite masturbation technique?

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