Cómo hacer la postura del 69
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Doing the 69 is not that easy

There are numbers for everything, we see numbers everywhere. What comes to mind when you see the number 10? Or the 22? Did you know that bingo numbers have a meaning? For example, 2 is the duckling, 8 is the lady, 13 is the number of bad luck, 15 is the pretty girl, and so we could continue … But, sure if a number has excelled in style, and will continue to do it, is the 69.

What is special about 69? Surely when you read 69 you smiled, or at least you have half smiled. No need to explain from where is coming from the success of this number, or maybe yes? Well the, 69 is associated with a sexual position that is overrated to me. This practice was made famous by Isabel de Castilla and Fernando de Aragón under the motto “so much mounts, mounts so much”.

The other day, a friend of mine told me that practicing 69 is more complicated than kicking back in flip flops, how right he is. I have tried to practice this sexual position more than once but I think I have never finished enjoying it and, I will tell you why. To perform the posture of 69 requires a little more coordination and confidence than in other sexual positions. It is a democratic sexual practice, both people give and receive at the same time and can be placed both above and below, indistinctly. On paper, it is the best position to practice oral sex.
69 with her above

It is a position that, in general, when we see it in porn movies makes us very horny and we begin to fantasize it. I remember my first time, I put myself down and he up, he had control, but his cock was so big that from time to time I would have been retching. I quickly proposed to change, I was up and he was down, now I was in control, but it seems that I was suffocating a bit with the pressure of my pussy. It was a different experience with which we laugh very healthy, and we went directly to fuck. We did not enjoy much of the 69 but the dust was spectacular. If you have ever practiced 69, you surely have some funny anecdote to tell.

But like everything in life, with practice it improves. You learn to position your legs correctly, how high you lift your waist, how to play with your hands, fingers and tongue … In the end, you end up enjoying giving and getting pleasure at the same time.

Is there a proper way to do 69?

The good thing about sex is that you can try new things, but there are some varieties of 69 that can be very useful if you want to reproduce them.

Woman above
According to experts, in the position of 69, the woman is the one who should always be up because it is likely to weigh less than the boy. Like many women we have super nice and long hair, so we avoid kneeling on our hair. Imagine the scene, the dick stuck in my mouth while you pull my hair even if it is unintentional, careful because it could hurt you and cause a small accident. Another advantage of being up is that we can control the speed and depth of the blowjob without having gagging. Having control means that we can offer greater oral pleasure.

Man above
When he is on top, the best we can do is suck him little by little and play with the tip of his cock giving him kisses and licking it up and down along the whole body paying special attention to the frenulum. With your hands we will massage your testicles and perineum, and if you leave us, we will stroke your bum.

Perhaps the most comfortable option for both of us if we plan to keep oral sex at the same time for a long period of time, or until you can hold it without running. In this way we can use the lower part of the thighs of the other as a pillow for the head, we will be more comfortable and we can make a longer session. Also, in this position no one will “die” drowned and we can use our hands to increase the pleasure of the other.

This technique is for brave and very daring couples, the boy is standing holding the girl in his arms while eating her pussy and she his penis while she is face down. They say that if the blood goes to your head you can experience a more intense orgasm.

Practicing the 69 standing

Tips when it comes to practicing 69

Here we reveal the great secrets of how to have a good experience practicing mutual oral sex.

Take a good shower

It is always ideal to be clean and neat when it comes to sex, but even more so when it comes to oral sex. It is not sexy or we like to be greeted with unpleasant smells, or with a bunch of hairs (if you’ve seen Scary Movie you know what I’m talking about) we’ll have to be taking it out of our mouth every second. The best stimulation and preparation for the 69 is to start a shower together. Once I was with an uncle who seemed to have the Amazon jungle covering his cock, I had to remove a pile of hair before I could eat it.

Start the games gradually
If it is the first time for either or both, it is best to start with caresses and perform previous games as you gradually position yourself.

It is recommended that you both follow the rhythm of the other one a little; If one of the two goes faster, maybe one will reach the climax before the other. The best thing is to look to be synchronized!

Do not deconcentrate
Let’s not forget that we are giving and receiving pleasure at the same time and, sometimes, it is very easy to concentrate on receiving it and not on giving it. If one of the two is distracted and his tongue becomes a little lazy we can give him a slap in the ass, you’ll see how it gets even hotter.

Enjoy the moment
We do not practice 69 to suffer, we do it to enjoy and feel pleasure. Do not worry about the position, you will find the point. Relax and let yourself go, the rest will come alone.

Use your hands
With your free hands you can play with your body, masturbate, stimulate your most sensitive areas.


If the person you are having fun with and practicing 69 is doing something you do not like, it is best to tell them so that they can do and excite you how you want. For example, if you want to kiss her ass or insert your fingers, better ask her beforehand if she likes it, because if not … it can cause a situation that is a bit uncomfortable.

In the end, the problem of practicing this posture lies in expectations, but the trick to fully enjoying this iconic position, 69, is to experiment until you discover what really works best for both of you.

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