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How to fuck in summer without getting hot

Almost a month ago the summer came and I think it is one of the hardest times to fuck. Particularly, summer leaves me tired, whether I fuck or not, I spend the day sweating. Good thing we have air conditioning in the office, at least for a few hours I’m cool.

But there are people to whom the opposite happens. With the arrival of the hot weather, the body temperature rises and they are hot all day. Come on, they would spend the day fucking. What type are you?

Since I like to have sex so much, I don’t want that the weather slow me down and that’s why I wanted to find the perfect way to fuck in summer in a cool way.

Fucking in summer is uncomfortable, if you do it on leather sofa you can get stuck or you can even slip with sweat depending on the position you are practicing, the car seats can burn if you are not in the shade, sheets are stuck to your body, and so we could continue … In summer there are many uncomfortable moments that appear, but at the same time, it can be funny.

If you are one of those who have tried to fuck in summer and do not finish enjoying it because annoying or embarrassing situations arise, do not worry because i did some research and I found an excellent formula to practice sex even if it is hot and I can enjoy it to the fullest. Do not be traditional when it comes to fucking, get out of the routine and give free rein to your passion, there are wonderful places beyond having sex in bed, car and sofa..

Play with ice cubes

I do not know if you have ever used ice in your erotic and sexual games, if not, I must confess that the contrast of cold and heat will make you enjoy as you never did before.

There are different ways to play and give pleasure with an ice, but most importantly, the ice should not stick to the skin of the person, it is recommended that you first melt it a little so that you can slide it gently through the body of your companion.

  • A
    Pass them by the body

    One of the games that I get the most horny and enjoy the most is when I’m lying on my back with my eyes blindfolded and my companion runs through my body with the ice, while kissing and licking my most sensitive parts. One of the areas that I like to have the ice for is the nipples, just thinking about it, I’m getting hot.

  • B
    Get oral sex

    One day at home I had ice piled, which is used for mojitos, I put a little in the mouth and I started to give a blowjob to my partner. I think he liked it, and a lot! The contrast of heat and cold left a great feeling, the truth is that he “exploded” in a few seconds. Then we exchanged and he began to play with me, he passed an ice on my clitoris while inserting his cold fingers into my vagina, it was a strange sensation but at the same time very pleasant.

  • C
    Put it inside the vagina

    This practice is for the most daring: if you both want to experience a special pleasure, when an ice is already a little melted, so that it does not stick to the skin because you could do a little bit of damage, you introduce the ice inside the vagina and then the cock and you start fucking at the pace you like. The cold-warm sensation in the intimate parts can be very stimulating. If you like this practice, better to have a bucket nearby, the ice in the vagina melts quickly, I tell you from experience.

  • D
    Cool your toys

    If after trying any of these varieties you have decided that you like the cold, both men and women can put some sex toys in the fridge (better not to work with batteries) so they are cool to incorporate them in your sexual games.

  • If after trying any of these varieties you have decided that you like the cold, both men and women can put some sex toys in the fridge (better not to work with batteries) so they are cool to incorporate them in your sexual games.

Incorporates food

A summer without eating or playing with ice cream while fucking is not a summer. I love to mark the path to my companion with cream so that it goes all over my body with its tongue while it caresses and kisses me and ends where I like the most. Now you have to use your imagination.

Fucks in the shower
In how many movies have we seen scenes of sex in the shower? Although they are very sensual, fuck in the shower needs a little training, because the first time our hair falls on our face, we get water in our mouths, we get soap in our eyes, we do not know where to grab slip, among other things … So that the penetration does not hurt, it is best to use silicone lubricants, it will take longer to dry. What we are looking for is to fuck under the water jet to avoid heat, regulate the water before putting you on the job because graduating during sex can be complicated.

Fucks on the shore of the beach
Do not fuck in the sand, it is very hot and you can burn yourself, I recommend you to bring a towel or a large pareo. The best thing is to go in the evening and fuck on the beach shore or in a secluded cove so that people do not see you. And if you want to fuck in the water, the best position is the one he is sitting or lying on and we are on top of him.

Blue on the terrace or garden
There are very good summer nights, especially if you live or spend your summer in villages near the mountain. Take advantage of those nights to fuck on the balcony, terrace or garden looking at the stars, it will be very romantic, or at least very refreshing. A recommendation: put anti-mosquito plants or a spiral or incense candle to create a barrier against this insect, smell the blood many meters. It is not at all comfortable that while you are practicing the ñigui-ñigui you notice a bite in some part of your body.

Now there is no excuse to practice sex during the summer, with these methods you can experience new adventures and sensations and as a last resort remember, the fan and the air conditioning will be your best allies.

What is your formula to fuck in summer and not being bothered by the heat?

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