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Revelations of a BDSM’s Mistress. Part II

We continue with the second part of the interview with Ama Monika. If you missed the first part, click here and find out what you told us last week.

Can you explain to me how many different practices are in BDSM? What is known as BDSM is a wide range of games. Any object can be a fetish. There are those who like breasts, to whom prefer feet; there are fetishists of smoking women, that is to say, it excites them to see a woman smoking and to have the smoke on them. There are those who love simply heels, boots, stockings, navel, ass, thongs, colors, sounds, senses. There are people who like to have their faces covered or closed or listen to anything. There are those who like to play to be tied, to make several positions and then, when you untie it, you see that it has all the pants stained. This is called rubbing masturbation. When trying to get free, he masturbates.

Can we know why you never have sex with your clients? Never YES!. When you have sex, as it happened to me at the beginning, then they do not come back anymore. A submissive or slave of truth never practices sex with his mistress, unless they are sexual slaves, that already changes and is something else.

If a woman asked you to be her teacher, would you? Yes, and the first thing I would say would be “Never get off your panties!”. There are not many women who can really do it, in the end they end up yielding and saying “what a pain”. I also felt that way, but then I thought “Look how you are enjoying”.

Is there anything you would never do to a slave? Look, I do not like scat, but I did it. I wanted to try it with a person of confidence, it was a very strong experience. But I’m telling you, I prefer to do that, even if I do not like it, than to sleep with men. On the BDSM scale, I do not know exactly what I would never do, but for example I would be very angry about making cuts. I would not do that because I’m not experienced, I would not do anything that I do not know how to do perfectly and that would pose a risk to the submissive. Do not get involved in what you do not know and less in this, because it can be very dangerous. On the other hand I do not care, I like to experiment and push my limits.

And what do you like the most? I really like playing with fire, but it’s very dangerous. It is not about burning the person, it is about burying a person in wax. The wax is hot as soup, at 45º. It is heated in a large pot, in a bain-marie, and then put on it. I usually make a candle from his penis and fire it to the limit. I have fun with this as a bad girl.

Do you feel pleasure when you do these things? Yes, and I have come to have mental orgasms. When I’m concentrated with a slave and you’re having a super good session, it’s like a union that makes me feel like I’m putting needles, but I see that he’s enjoying himself, that he’s erect and is all the time “My Mistress, my Mistress; You are adorable “I tell you that it is tremendous. Or with women, because I’ve also had women, I put on my penis and I’ve totally transformed myself. The male I carry inside comes out. I take them by the hair, I raise them and I throw them …

But that’s already sexual BDSM, right? No, because there is no contact with the skin. There I simply have a harness, she does not even touch me.

Is the keyword always the same or is it changing? It’s always the same, I’ve been with “fresa” for 15 years.

Do you plan to update it? No, not at all, because that’s how they already know me. When a person enters the study for the first time, for me he is neither a slave nor anything. It is important that you know a bit how the mistress acts, so if the say “I kneel, my Lady,”I say “No, Stand up”. First we talk and when I tell you to kneel you already become mine; but for the moment I have to know you. ” It is that before we are human. You need to tell me first what your limitations are, if you have allergies, if you have had any stroke … all this is very important.

Do you have them sign a sheet in which they declare themselves responsible for anything that might happen? When they are very extreme sessions, yes, or if I do not record them. It’s for my good too, because if you can not go to the police and you can invent anything and they put you in a mess. You have to keep your backs.

Do slaves usually have more than one mistress or are they faithful to it? That depend on you, if you leave psychological traces. You have to leave some intrigue in your head. If you want them to come back you have to know how to hook them and leave them something that asks them to come back. One of my slaves, for example, now that he has been with me for 5 years, wants me to put a dog chip on him. Yes now, we have a contract for life. However, there is always someone who likes to peck here and there, it’s clear.

Do the slaves who make the shows with you receive an economic reward? Not at all. They even help to pay for the highway, as the food. They have their business, this is something that they like, they do it for pleasure. And besides, I do not admit silly slaves, I like those with personality, people who have their work and their feet on the ground, who know that this is a game and do not take it further. And even if they are slaves of mine more than 5 years ago, if they want a private session they have to pay for it. I do not have badly used slaves, that’s a whim of them, so if you want something you have to pay for it because I also have other things to do.

And those who have been with you since your inception, those who taught you to be Ama Monika, what is your relationship with them? For me certain people are no longer my submissive, they are my guardian angels, they are my life, because what they have done for me, nobody does. Submissives and slaves who have been with you for some time must know how to value everything they do for you, and if at any given time they need you, you do the same for them, and that is not stooping or anything like that.

There’s the famous human side we talked about before … Yes, there it is. You see I still have some humanity left! * laughs *

You’ve talked about slaves and submissives. What is the difference between one and the other? There are many roles in the BDSM. For example, the slave is like a rebel, who can escape when he wants but does not because he respects that moment. They like whips and they want always more. With the rebellious slaves you must know how to deal with them, they are the ones that can bounce the most towards you, there you have to be very firm. The submissive is more like a puppy, a chihuahua. A submissive can simply be an obedient submissive, picks up your clothes, cleanses you, and does not pull on the subject of pain or punishment. Then there is the masochist who enjoys pain, or rather, with what people may consider pain. And then the sadist, who is the one who provides that pain. But the masochist is sadistic in and of itself because he also likes to give, hence sadomasochist.

And you are loving … Yes, I am a lover, they put that to me and I like it. Ama Monika, with K.

Do you think that one day you will leave this BDSM? No, never, could not. I have met my big family here and this gives me a lot of freedom.

When you do not work, that is, you are not Ama Monika but Maria, what are you doing? Well I am a normal woman, I dedicate myself to my flat, I make the purchase, I go to gym …

Is there anything else you want to add, something essential about you that we need to know? That I am a very accessible woman, I do not have the syndrome of deification, because there are many women who are deified, they believe that everyone has to kneel at their feet. I like to be left alone, ride a bike , do my exercises … come on, I’m very normal. Oh, and I do not like slaves at all. I said goodbye to her knowing that in a few minutes I would go back up on stage to perform one of her performances. “We’ve been around for a long time, my slaves will be worried,” she told me. If her slaves were worried, I do not know how my mother could have been knowing that I was sitting next to a woman who was about to bathe a human being in hot wax. In short, each one to his own, thank you very much for your precious time, Ama Monika!

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