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Why my husband go to whores?

Ask a man if he has ever been with a prostitute and he will answer you with the same puzzled expression as a lesbian in front of a male erection. To this he will add a clear and direct “Are you kidding?”

Men, ladies and gentlemen, lie. They lie how women lie when we sleep with our partner 10 years ago and to prevent their manhood from being affected we say “Yes love, I’ve run like never before in my life”. Lie. I, for example, am such a liar that even when I masturbate, I pretend to have an orgasm.

Although they will never admit having paid to have sex, the statistics say otherwise. According to the research of Havocscope, a company that collects data on black market activities, the prostitute exist and are everywhere. And where are they exactly? These are the countries in the world with higher rate of prostitution:

1. China
2. Spain
3. Japan
4. Germany
5. United States

A round of applause for all of them! And especially for us for our well-deserved silver medal in this ranking!

Now, why do men decide to pay an escort? Because they have a strong solidarity character that drives them to share their sperm with strangers. Maybe, even after asking a few girls from our premises , these are the reasons we have been able to gather:

  • You can sleep with a kid : without having to make an effort to conquer it. Just show the purse that the kid will be carried away by passion even if the man has less appeal than my grandfather taking off his false teeth.
  • They do not have the pressure of having to comply : there is no “obligation” to please anyone, apart from their penis. Also, if they run after 2 minutes they do not have to justify themselves, God will take care of judging them as premature ejaculators.
  • Your most hidden fantasies can come true : imagine the scene of a man with an escort while she penetrates him: “Honey, be careful the ring that you’re scratching me “-” Ah, sorry … but it’s not the ring, it’s my watch “. Yes, my ladies, many men love the little finger in the ass and many others that a woman penetrates them with a harness. However, they do not dare to ask their partner because they will know if she will end up thinking that she is no longer virile. A prostitute, on the other hand, will not be prejudiced in looking at Cuenca, and all with a sweet smile on her face.
  • Free access to the back door : the ass, ladies, you have to put the ass . While there are many men who appreciate a plastic cock in the sphincter, there are many others who are obsessed by the anal penetration. But, if with your partner you have to invent impossible excuses to convince them, as: “Love, anal sex will make you thin and is antioxidant”, with a company girl is enough to convince her. Think that on the Apricots page there are 23 categories of sexual practices, of these 49% of clicks are taken by anal sex … Coincidence? I do not believe it.
  • Do not lose time : women are romantic, we love that they conquer us little by little and make us feel special. We know how to get carried away by the heart and fall in love with the other person’s mind. Men, on the other hand, do not want to waste time knowing details, sharing pampering and getting a thousand words out; the cock does not allow it. Therefore, the simplest solution is to ask for the services of a prostitute, who already knows what is going on and romanticism prefers to live it outside working hours.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us learn the moral: on the one hand, to assume that men are also prostitute and thus, we will live more calmly. On the other hand, we have to be more open, and not just by our mind. Do not forget something very important: you have to put your ass up, as well as be willing to desecrate your partner’s, if you wish.

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