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Yuri, the pregnant recepcionist

After a long break, we return with the interviews of Behind the Obscene. So far we had the pleasure of interviewing Ama Monika , BDSM professional and performer of the Erotic Salon of Barcelona Apricots, Carmina , a college prostitute based in Barcelona with very clear ideas about her profession and Meritxell , prostitute mother wanting to change her life. Today we return with a brief talk we made with Yuri, one of the receptionists of one of the local Apricots.

Colombian, 29 years old, Yuri moved to Barcelona with her entire family, 14 years ago. It has a beautiful face, a smile that takes your breath away and a belly that takes away space when you sit next to you. It is not that she is fat, rather the husband ran inside and nothing, now she has a couple of months to give birth to her first daughter.

When I told her I wanted to interview her, I was not sure I could handle something like that. However, she is able to hold a “thing” inside the gut for 9 months without paying rent in return, how rare are people sometimes. To reassure her, the day before the interview, I passed her the questions by mail … then, when she read them, she almost began to give birth by nerves. I prefer not to think about what will happen when she will read what I just wrote about her daughter’s conception …

Yuri, you are one of the managers of the Apricots premises. How would you define your work? Look, at this point I see it as a normal receptionist job. I am in charge of receiving the clients, present the girls and make sure that the client is happy with our facilities and services. Before, it was quite strong for me, now I’m so used to it that I do not see anything strange, it’s a job like any other.

Do you openly tell your environment what you do? I always tell the truth because I think it is a common and ordinary job and I have nothing to hide. If someone does not like it, then it’s not my problem.

Very soon you will be a mother for the first time. How would you react if your oldest daughter decided to be a whore? Now that I work in this area it would be very difficult to hear something like that, and I say it because I know this world and all that it entails. It is a very sacrificial work that can change a person radically. It would be hard for me to hear that from my daughter.

In this sense, what does this world have that makes it so complicated? The first, and most dangerous, is the ambition for money; per second comes the most harmful, vices; Finally, there is the difficulty of getting out of it once you are inside. That’s why I’m not sure how it would take me to have my daughter prostitute herself. Sleeping with many men for money is hard, more than anything because you can find everything and as a parent I want the best for my childrens: to study, to have a good job and this is not the profession you choose to be when you are a child .

What if she told you that that’s what makes her happy? Well … well, We all want the happiness of our children and if that makes her happy, I would only have to accept it.

What do you think of prostitution? I see it well for someone who has a need, has children, has no job or whatever. I also think that it is a profession in which you have to have a lot of maturity and you have to know what is the right moment to say “no more”. If someone chooses this path, it should be momentary because otherwise, I think it would not end well.

Have you ever been proposed as a company girl? Yes, many times.

And have you always been sure to say no? Before entering this sector, I had never heard about prostitution. Now that I know it, I can tell you that I would not be able to be a prostitute. Maybe, at some point, I have crossed my mind in a joke, but from there to get to do it I think I could not. You have to have a lot of courage, it’s not an easy job.

Have you worked in other agency? Yes, I have worked in other agency, but as a manager I was only in a transvestite club here in Barcelona and, to be honest, it is very complicated to work with them. It is very difficult to meet all the needs they have and, in addition, sometimes, with women have a somewhat complicated relationship. For me it was one more experience.

That was your first experience as a manager, and what else? Then I came to Apricots, I’ve been here for 5 years now. Of course, I worked in other houses having other positions.

Even though you had another position, have you noticed any difference between Apricots and the other houses? Yes, Apricots is one of the houses that has more clarity in this whole issue, because we already know that prostitution contains many ugly things … I do not know, there are houses that treat girls badly, that they take away the documentation, that they withhold their money because it is the house that charges the client and they are paid after a week, and more things. So I think Apricots is one of the most ethical and open houses in which girls can work; here they are unconcerned.

Your work takes you to spend a lot of time with the escorts that frequent the locals. Has any friendship emerged with any of them? Yes, even one of the girls in Apricots is my best friend. In general the relationship with them is good, there are many girls who trust me, who tell me their things and ask for advice; as there are also others that are more distant, since they see me as the one in charge and prefer to maintain distances. I have to try to be as neutral as possible and my private things always have to stay out of my work. I just have to focus on them! The truth is that sometimes comes a time when it is difficult to keep the distance, but this happens in many jobs with colleagues or customers, right?

Regarding your friend who prostitutes herself, have you tried to convince her to change her profession? Yes, many times. I always tell her that she is very young, that she would have to enjoy her youth and that she decides to get out of this. I hope it does not take long to do it, because life can offer many more things, the only thing is to really want to make a change.

And what does she says? She says yes, she will try to do it but, as I told you, once you enter this is very difficult to leave … is that what they earn today they spend it and think that tomorrow they recover it. It’s like a vicious circle.

From your perspective, how do you see the relationship that girls have with each other? Are friendships created or is there only competition? In this world it is very difficult to have a friendship: we are in the fucking and all are going for your money or, if not, end up arguing for a client, or because it works more than the other or has taken more tips or a thousand more stories. I think there are very few who are truly friends. It is also true that in Apricots the atmosphere is very good and relaxed. Here the girls are more companions, they lend themselves clothes and when a new girl arrives they explain and help her; in that sense here they are very collaborative and friendly.

Do you feel happy with what you do? Yes, I feel very happy. I also do not see it as a long-term job, I would not like to continue as an elderly lady in charge. Now I have been working in Apricots for 5 years and what I would like, maybe, would be to have a different position; always on Apricots because they treat me very well.

Is there anything else you want to add? I would like to tell the girls that are meditating to enter the world or that they do not know it, that they take their time to think it over and evaluate the pros and cons. The truth is that it is not as tremendous as they paint it, but it is not like staying. If you decide to take the step, my advice is to take it as something momentary and, most importantly, never to stop using your head.

When I told her that this was the last question, I see that Yuri’s face relaxes and the breathing returns to normal. At the moment it seems that it will not give birth in front of me, which is a good thing because I have a new shirt and I do not want to stain it. Since I do not have any more questions, I can close the interview. Despite this, if you have stayed with the desire to know more about Yuri and her work, you can leave a comment to the post and we will gladly answer you.

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