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Do you know the Plug position ?

By order of the general director of the Anti-Abuse Department of Apricots, “the missionary” is forbidden. We reveal the secrets of the posture that will make you the lover we all want. When you plug into the socket you’ll ask yourself: Why have I wasted so much time with “the little dog” and “the ride”?

The position of the plug is a good way to make us have a great time and change your sex routine. Come out of the drawer and try new things, God made us flexible for something, we have to dare!

Do you think that everything is already invented? No, the options are endless. When you are in bed, on the floor or on a table, with a fantastic woman by your side, do not obsess over a single posture, remember that changing one leg or one side arm, you will be different and you will have new sensations and your relationship will be funnier.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the position of the plug is that it can be used for both vaginal and anal sex, so we multiply the possibilities.

It is very easy to get to the posture of the plug, for example from “the missionary”, all you have to do is to get up a bit while still being connected, and to pass one of the legs of the girl below him; so you’ll see that she starts to put herself differently. Then the girl will raise her other leg so that you hold her firmly upright, thus obtaining a new point of support to pump like a champion.

List of girls with whom you can do the position of the plug
The position of the plug
The position of the plug
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