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The best sexual positions to fuck in the car

Who wants to have sex in the car when you can do it in a bed, on a sofa, in the shower, in the kitchen, on top of a washing machine … but if you live with your parents, your siblings or your flatmates you will know that Sometimes as hot as you are, the situation does not allow you to fuck. I’m sure that on some occasion you’ve seen your home and said this is mine, and i have the possibility to fuck with who you want. We have all gone through the time of sending a message to our friends with benefits with the text: come to my house I am alone and now we can do it. I used to fuck a thousand times on my parents’ couch thinking that at some point they were going to enter and we could be discovered. I get the adrenaline rush, as Ricky Martin says in his song with Jennifer Lopez and Yandel.

But if you are one of those who get nervous and are more aware that the door of the house or the room is opened and you have no other option, that do it in the car. In the movies it is very exciting, it makes us very hot, but the reality is different, to practice ñigui-ñigui in the car is not easy, first you have to find the right place, then find a comfortable position and try not to dirty the car to leave no trace, especially if it is your parents’ car. A friend of mine had the leather back seats and had suspicious mark, he never spoke about it.

Fucking in the car can be dangerous, do not try it at the wheel, better parked and away from the center, in a place that nobody can see you and also sanction you. Yes, there are some cities and provinces where you can be fined for having sex in the car. An example is Lugo, they can get to sanction you with € 3,000 for performing sexual practices on public roads.

If you have never fuck in the car, you are probably wondering how to do it and so that your first time is not a disaster. But not only, those who have already tried it and it was a disaster … No worries today I am going to give you some tips to make the experience unforgettable and also share the best positions to fuck in the front seat and in the back seat.

Tips to have sex in the car

The car never working

Once in the news we have seen that they have arrested a driver for fucking while driving. I understand that it can be very morbid and feel Charlie Sheen in this famous movie. But for us your security is the most important,  but also the security of the other drivers. If you want to feel like you drive and fuck like in movies, you should better use a chroma.

Park the car in a secluded place

Do not fuck inside the car during the day or in the middle of the city, unless you are an exhibitionist or want to be sanctioned. The best thing is to go to a secluded place, where you are alone and you will feel comfortable. And if you do not know where to go, there is an application called Mis Picaderos where you will find thousands of intimate places to make fuck throughout Spain added by the users themselves.

Lights off

For me, the best time to fuck in the car is at night, because if you do it during the day you’ll have to cover the windows with clothes or whatever you have on that time, and if you want to do it during the night do not open the interior lights. But once again safety, then lock the inside doors to prevent any kind of problems.

Beware of moans and honking

If you are one of those who make noise while fucking or during orgasms, be careful, because people can believe that something happens and go to check if everything is okay.

Always have a car kit in the car

The car must be well equipped, just like you should have your umbrella when it’s raining, the same happens for a night of passion, have a box of papers, wet wipes, condoms, lubricant … If you are a regular, you will surely be well equipped.

Do not dirty the environment

Never leave evidence in the chosen place, first to save the environment and second to not let them find your secret place.

Always carry a blanket in the trunk

If you do not want to dirty the seats of your car, then cover them with a blanket or large cloth, you can also use them to cover the capo that will surely be cold. I remember when they put me on all fours or sitting on the hood in the middle of winter, I do not want the feeling of the cold capo touching my body. But during the summer the feeling is different.

Having sex in the car has always been a challenge, the engineers of the big brands are concerned to accommodate the car with the best features, wifi, screens, GPS … but no one cares about comfort to be able to fuck at ease. But like everything in life, with practice you learn. Normally what is said or learned can be forgotten very easily but what is done is learned forever . Then,I invite you to put these postures into practice to fuck in the car as soon as possible. Relax, have fun but especially enjoy, and for sure sex will be better.

Positions in the front seat

Mutual masturbation

Sometimes we do not really want to fuck (rarely) but we can always make each other a little fellatio.

Blow job

Although we are going to fuck in the car, we can not forget the preliminaries, always so necessary. The blowjob while we are in the front seat we have seen in many movies, for example in Indignation (by James Schamus, 2016). But as we have already recommended, it is better to always do it while parked.


It would be like the missionary but with a slight inclination. The woman lies down in the half reclining seat of the co-pilot and the man stands on top of her, with his feet on the ground between the woman’s legs. She can place her legs as she feels more comfortable, around him, on the floor or on top of the car’s dashboard.

Reverse Cowgirl

This time it is the man who is lying on the reclined seat while she stands on his back to him. Be careful when holding the hand brake and changing gears.

Positions in the back seat


It seems that this position never goes out of style. It is best to put a pillow, a folded jacket or a blanket that we mentioned (a solution for everything) because this way if the girl is lying on her back, with the movement of the penetrations we will avoid hitting the head with the door .


The best thing to do is to lie down facing the front of the car, placing the man behind the girl so you can perform the penetration from behind, it serves both anal sex or vaginal one, here the decision is yours. Sometimes you should fasten to the front seats so you do not fall on the floor of the car.

Legs up

The girl will lie on her back while the man raises his legs. The good thing about this position is that the penetration will be deeper and more pleasant for both .


I will not get tired of telling you that this is one of my favorite positions, the man feels normal and I get on top of him looking at him fixedly. I especially like this position because I have the control and intensity of the movement and he can stroke me and lick my breasts and hold my ass firmly while he puts it to me.

Puppy looking towards the rear moon

Another classic, the girl kneels on the seat facing the rear moon while he stands behind to penetrate it. As we said before, you can put it by the pussy or the ass, where you like most. This position is ideal because the boy can hold your breasts and at the same time stimulate the clitoris.

Sex in the car can be very creative : You only have to use your imagination and enjoy the moment. Then put on a good soundtrack and fuck!!

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